The Defund Cville PD campaign recently received multiple videos of an incident that took place on November 15 -16 (11:47p-after midnight) a Black man was assaulted by University and Charlottesville Police Department officers outside of the Sheetz convenience store on the Corner.

The victim, who was never arrested or charged with a crime, had to go to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Eyewitness account of the incident are as follows:

“I ran to the corner as I heard someone scream in pain and saw the cop lights.
When I got there, there were three officers pressing Lawrence into the short brick wall in front of Cohn’s on the Corner. It was visible that his ribs were being pressed into the brick.
Quickly those 3 cops became about 15 and the situation continued to escalate. They pulled Lawrence’s feet from underneath him slamming him into the floor as 4 cops pressed their knees into his back and ribs.
Witnesses and Lawrence’s wife continued to ask why he was being detained and say that he did not do anything.
The cops kept refusing to answer and eventually gave two different answers from two different cops: one saying that he had trespassed into UVA even though he was on the corner, and the second saying he was being detained to answer questions and ...
...get to the bottom of their marital dispute. Things continued to escalate as they grabbed Lawrence’s neck as they claimed he was biting. Videos do not show any sign of biting. His neck was being pressed down and twisted.
The cop only released his neck when an older woman cop told him to let go. Lawrence was visibly in pain and was confused during the situation as he did not know why he was being detained or being hurt by the police.
Eventually things de-escalated and Lawrence sat to answer questions by the older woman cop. He had to be pulled up from the floor to sit on the same brick wall he was slammed and pressed on to as he was pretty injured.
None of her questions were related to the incident and many cops came up to Lawrence telling him that they knew him and knew he wasn’t a trouble maker and so they were sorry for the response.
Lawrence vocalized that he was concerned bc they were homeless and they had lost all $180 of food that they bought at Sheetz. The cops refused to believe that this amount was spent and only bought them water bottles and found two bags of food that he had dropped in the incident.
Lawrence was visibly in pain and could barely walk as time progressed he could not stand. He was holding his ribs, had multiple cuts and scrapes over his body. He was shaking in pain.
The incident resulted in 3 broken ribs (2 on the left and one on the right) and multiple cuts and abrasions on his arms, wrists, side, and feet.” - D. T.
*We have decided not to release the video to the public to refrain from adding to the re-traumatization of persons in BIPOC communities who face excessive violence at the hands of the State every day. However, we’ve attached pics of the video for transparency.
At one point on the video, one of the officers explains why they have wrestled the victim to the ground and continue to assault him by saying “we are trying to detain you to figure out exactly what happened.”
At another point in the video, an officer is seen constantly kneeling on the victim’s upper torso.
Earlier this week, DefundCPD released a Letter to the Editor at the Cavalier Daily regarding an excessive use of force incident against another Black Cville resident in October following a UVA student’s call to the police to report a Black man who was walking to his church.
While no physical injuries befell that gentleman, he was made to endure the psychological and emotional trauma of being detained by 5 squad cars of police officers for simply walking while Black.
It is imperative that UVA officials, authorities, staff, and students alike recognize the threads of commonality between these two incidents. On the one hand, a UVA student weaponized their privilege against a Black Charlottesville...
resident whom that student identified as a threat to their personal comfort when no actual harm was imminent. A month later, UPD and CPD coordinated efforts to terrorize and brutalize another Black Charlottesville street-based resident who dared to be visible in...
... the vicinity of UVA’s hallowed Grounds when there is no evidence that his presence posed any actual threat of harm to anyone.
We urge EVERYONE to stop calling the police on Black people, and the UVA community in particular to name and dismantle the University’s legacy of violence against all BIPOC people.

The Defund Cville PD campaign demands the officers involved in this brutal attack NOT be put on paid leave but rather be fired IMMEDIATELY! Please contact President Jim Ryan, Chief Timothy Longo and Chief Rashell Bracney to demand swift action be taken.
University of Virginia
President Jim Ryan
[email protected]
434- 924-3337

University of Virginia Police Department
Chief Timothy Longo
[email protected]

Charlottesville Police Department
Chief Rashell Brackney
[email protected]
The officers identified in the video are as follow:

UPD #18
UPD #27 - initial officer and aggressor
UPD #34
UPD #35
UPD #47
UPD #66 - initial office and aggressor
CPD #58
CPD #12
Ways to support Lawerence:…

@ CongregateCharlottesville

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My students @maxzks and Tushar Jois spent most of the summer going through every piece of public documentation, forensics report, and legal document we could find to figure out how police were “breaking phone encryption”. 1/

This was prompted by a claim from someone knowledgeable, who claimed that forensics companies no longer had the ability to break the Apple Secure Enclave Processor, which would make it very hard to crack the password of a locked, recent iPhone. 2/

We wrote an enormous report about what we found, which we’ll release after the holidays. The TL;DR is kind of depressing:

Authorities don’t need to break phone encryption in most cases, because modern phone encryption sort of sucks. 3/

I’ll focus on Apple here but Android is very similar. The top-level is that, to break encryption on an Apple phone you need to get the encryption keys. Since these are derived from the user’s passcode, you either need to guess that — or you need the user to have entered it. 4/

Guessing the password is hard on recent iPhones because there’s (at most) a 10-guess limit enforced by the Secure Enclave Processor (SEP). There’s good evidence that at one point in 2018 a company called GrayKey had a SEP exploit that did this for the X. See photo. 5/

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दधीचि ऋषि को मनाही थी कि वह अश्विनी कुमारों को किसी भी अवस्था में ब्रह्मविद्या का उपदेश नहीं दें। ये आदेश देवराज इन्द्र का था।वह नहीं चाहते थे कि उनके सिंहासन को प्रत्यक्ष या परोक्ष रुप से कोई भी खतरा हो।मगर जब अश्विनी कुमारों ने सहृदय प्रार्थना की तो महर्षि सहर्ष मान गए।

और उन्होनें ब्रह्मविद्या का ज्ञान अश्विनि कुमारों को दे दिया। गुप्तचरों के माध्यम से जब खबर इन्द्रदेव तक पहुंची तो वे क्रोध में खड़ग ले कर गए और महर्षि दधीचि का सर धड़ से अलग कर दिया।मगर अश्विनी कुमार भी कहां चुप बैठने वाले थे।उन्होने तुरंत एक अश्व का सिर महर्षि के धड़ पे...

...प्रत्यारोपित कर उन्हें जीवित रख लिया।उस दिन के पश्चात महर्षि दधीचि अश्वशिरा भी कहलाए जाने लगे।अब आगे सुनिये की किस प्रकार महर्षि दधीचि का सर काटने वाले इन्द्र कैसे अपनी रक्षा हेतु उनके आगे गिड़गिड़ाए ।

एक बार देवराज इन्द्र अपनी सभा में बैठे थे, तो उन्हे खुद पर अभिमान हो आया।

वे सोचने लगे कि हम तीनों लोकों के स्वामी हैं। ब्राह्मण हमें यज्ञ में आहुति देते हैं और हमारी उपासना करते हैं। फिर हम सामान्य ब्राह्मण बृहस्पति से क्यों डरते हैं ?उनके आने पर क्यों खड़े हो जाते हैं?वे तो हमारी जीविका से पलते हैं। देवर्षि बृहस्पति देवताओं के गुरु थे।

अभिमान के कारण ऋषि बृहस्पति के पधारने पर न तो इन्द्र ही खड़े हुए और न ही अन्य देवों को खड़े होने दिया।देवगुरु बृहस्पति इन्द्र का ये कठोर दुर्व्यवहार देख कर चुप चाप वहां से लौट गए।कुछ देर पश्चात जब देवराज का मद उतरा तो उन्हे अपनी गलती का एहसास हुआ।
This is a pretty valiant attempt to defend the "Feminist Glaciology" article, which says conventional wisdom is wrong, and this is a solid piece of scholarship. I'll beg to differ, because I think Jeffery, here, is confusing scholarship with "saying things that seem right".

The article is, at heart, deeply weird, even essentialist. Here, for example, is the claim that proposing climate engineering is a "man" thing. Also a "man" thing: attempting to get distance from a topic, approaching it in a disinterested fashion.

Also a "man" thing—physical courage. (I guess, not quite: physical courage "co-constitutes" masculinist glaciology along with nationalism and colonialism.)

There's criticism of a New York Times article that talks about glaciology adventures, which makes a similar point.

At the heart of this chunk is the claim that glaciology excludes women because of a narrative of scientific objectivity and physical adventure. This is a strong claim! It's not enough to say, hey, sure, sounds good. Is it true?
Let me take a stab at this after years of reporting on Marine One, HMX-1, Continuity of Government, etc. None of this is definitive, but it could help explain what folks are seeing:

1.) HMX-1, which flies the VH-3D and VH-60N 'White Top' helicopters used to move... 1/X

the President and VP around, those helos being called Marine One or Two when either is onboard, need to train. The urban landing zones, including WH and VP Residence, are not simple to get in and out of. So, crews need some currency training. They are not just tasked with... 2/X

moving POTUS and VP to get them around the region and to Andrews AFB for long-haul flights, they are essential to Continuity of Government operations. This means that if a threat were to emerge, they need to be ready to snatch POTUS and VP in minutes. This is partially... 3/X

why they have a full forward operating location at Naval Support Activity Anacostia, just 3 miles from the WH. As such, practice is important and considering the state of things, it is critical now more than in any recent memory. 4/X

2.) Considering what happened last week, including mobs of Trump supporters screaming in unison to hang the VP for doing what the constitution states, absolutely despicable in every way, security has been tightened just as it has been all over. Using the helicopters instead.. 5/X