On Sunday 21st June, 14 year old Noah Donohoe left his home to meet his friends at Cave Hill Belfast to study for school. #RememberMyNoah💙

He was on his black Apollo mountain bike, fully dressed, wearing a helmet and carrying a backpack containing his laptop and 2 books with his name on them. He also had his mobile phone with him.
On the 27th of June. Noah's naked body was sadly discovered 950m inside a storm drain, between access points. This storm drain was accessible through an area completely unfamiliar to him, behind houses at Northwood Road.
"Noah's body was found by specially trained police officers between two drain access points within a section of the tunnel running under the Translink access road," said Mr McCrisken."
Noah's bike was also found near a house, behind a car, in the same area. It had been there for more than 24 hours before a member of public who lived in the street said she read reports of a missing child and checked the bike and phoned the police.
Some of Noah's clothes were found in the same street, where the last known cctv sighting of the teenager was seen, on Northwood Road. Among them, his helmet, hoodie and shoes. His jacket, underwear, shorts and t-shirt are still missing
His laptop was taken by police from a man named Daryl Paul. This man did not hand in his laptop voluntarily. Noah's laptop was seized in North Belfast after Mr Paul instructed the police he had left it with a friend to mind.
Daryl Paul had tried selling Noah's laptop. An anonymous tip off told police he had Noah's backpack, it along with books, laptop and Noah's jacket (as mentioned in this article)
Daryl Paul has stated he found Noah's backpack beside a wall under a pedestrian underpass on the grounds of Ulster University on the day Noah went missing. Article found in @BelTel
Daryl Paul also claims another man was there that day and described him as acting suspicious near Noah's backpack. The man is described as having tattoos. Mr Paul states he told the police about this man on the day of his arrest. Article from @BelTel
There are many cameras in and around the Ulster University area.
Noah's mobile phone was found in North Queen Street beside a children's play park.
At first it was put out by some news media, that Noah phoned 999 emergency services from his phone, but the police said this was "inaccurate
One of the last CCTV videos, show 14 year old Noah on York Road, fully dressed. The following videos show Noah naked on Northwood Road running and exhausted.
No cctv or eyewitnesses seen Noah actually removing his clothing between Skegoneill, Northwood Crescent and Northwood Road.
There was cctv footage handed in by a member of public who lived on Northwood Road of Noah cycling past her home naked, from the waist up
There is also cctv footage of 14 year old Noah naked and running, exhausted between 2 houses at the top of Northwood Road. This was the final known sighting of young Noah. His Mother Fiona has seen this video
At first, because a member of public had said she seen someone fitting the description of Noah fall of his bike (in North Queen Street/York Street junction), the police suggested that perhaps Noah may have suffered a concussion.
That this led him to become confused and take his clothes off. The coroner's report said that Noah had died of drowning. There was no mention of a concussion.
Noah's Mother Fiona has seen cctv videos. She saw only brief moments of Noah's journey caught on camera, but has not yet seen the moments or hours before or after the videos were recorded. She has requested to see them in their entirety.
The last videos caught on cctv have caused a lot of confusion. As at first the police said Noah's last sighting was at 6:11pm, naked between 2 houses. They then changed the time, twice, and said they'd made a mistake and that the actual last sighting was 6:03pm.
As to date, Noah's shorts, underwear, t-shirt and coat have not been recovered. There has also not been anyone come forward with either cctv or eyewitness to show that Noah removed his clothing.
There is confusion of how the person who saw Noah fall, stated he had left his jacket as it fell on the ground, and that he got back up and got on his bike and continued cycling. His jacket was also mentioned in the anonymous tip off about Daryl Paul and the backpack.
Most of Noah's clothes are still missing. As his Mother Fiona witnessed first hand, the police stood on the street while Noah was missing and allowed bin collections to proceed on Northwood Rd, while both Noah and his clothes were missing.
Noah's Mother was not allowed to search the area her son was last seen while he was still missing End of Thread 1

The public are upset that the police were suggesting "No foul play" before an autopsy had ever taken place with Noah after the discovery of his body, 950m inside a storm drain, in an area he was completely unfamiliar with
Many news papers and media ran this story, suggesting that Noah had done all this because of a concussion. After the coroners report which didn't mention a concussion, there was no further additions to this or updates
In May 2020, a month before Noah's death, another boy around the same age as Noah was brutally attacked and robbed very near the same area Noah had vanished. He was also cycling and had his phone stolen and his bike.
The storm drain that Noah was found in was unlocked. As Noah was said to be still inside and missing, someone was phoned and asked to put the lock back on, on the 24th June. Nobody knows who unlocked the storm drain in the first place
Noah is said to have discarded his belongings, yet the public have not seen any cctv whatsoever of Noah doing this. Or of him discarding his backpack at Ulster University. If there is cctv of Daryl Paul picking up the backpack there must be cctv of it being left there.
Police said that there was a leaflet drop, yet there was no evidence of this

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