Fun with speculation...

1: Lin Wood tweets that Epsteene is still alive (no way you let THE key witness die in jail).

2: DJT is the consummate showman.

3: DJT tells his loyal supporters to be in DC on the 6th for a "wild party".


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Just a taste of the absolute ignorance coming out of this failures mouth. He has had to withdraw from precious races because of his proven lack of ethics. A proven criminal, and here he is likely to lead America baring a miracle. Americans had best wake up.

For this to have happened in the US with the blessing of the Senate means the entire system has been compromised. McConnell has to say something because he knows Trump is on track to get a 2nd term. Otherwise he would have stayed silent and not risk the backlash he is going

To get with the base in Ga. He knows his antics are likely going to cost them the Senate. But at this point the establishment is all in to get rid of Trump. That is in spite of the fact Trump has done more for the party then everyone of the establishment Republicans combined.

He has increased the tent of the party and made significant inroads in breaking the Dems stranglehold on the blacks. His Latino support was greater the. Any Republican before him. He was on the way of accomplishing what no one ever thought possible, peace in the Mideast.

He brought record employment and growth to the US before they ushered in the virus scam, and even with that he beat them developing a vaccine in record time, and reestablishing the growth rate. Except the governors are hell bent on keeping their economies closed and

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The entire discussion around Facebook’s disclosures of what happened in 2016 is very frustrating. No exec stopped any investigations, but there were a lot of heated discussions about what to publish and when.

In the spring and summer of 2016, as reported by the Times, activity we traced to GRU was reported to the FBI. This was the standard model of interaction companies used for nation-state attacks against likely US targeted.

In the Spring of 2017, after a deep dive into the Fake News phenomena, the security team wanted to publish an update that covered what we had learned. At this point, we didn’t have any advertising content or the big IRA cluster, but we did know about the GRU model.

This report when through dozens of edits as different equities were represented. I did not have any meetings with Sheryl on the paper, but I can’t speak to whether she was in the loop with my higher-ups.

In the end, the difficult question of attribution was settled by us pointing to the DNI report instead of saying Russia or GRU directly. In my pre-briefs with members of Congress, I made it clear that we believed this action was GRU.