Delhi High Court begins hearing suit by #Bollywood Production Houses against 'Bollywood drugs mafia' reportage.

The suit seeks to curb irresponsible and derogatory remarks against the film industry.

The matter is before Justice Rajiv Shakdher.


Senior Advocate Rajiv Nayar for the plaintiff.

Entire schedule has been disrupted because if pleadings not been filed. Republic filed on Saturday and may not be on record : Nayar
Because of*
There are some applications for condonation of delay: Court

Yes, we are seeking condonation: Senior Adv Sandeep Sethi for Times Now.


Adv Malvika Trivedi for @republic also seeks condonation of delay.
Court observes some applications are not on record.
Mr Sethi, I'll condone the delay. Mr Nayar can file rejoinder: Court
I have a suggestion.. one is that court asked them to follow programme code and not broadcast defamatory content. The court may dispose of the suit on this term: Nayar

I object to it. The suit itself is not maintainable: Sethi
It was just a suggestion. We're not on merits: Nayar

Written statement is more like written submissions : Court

I've not seen it : Sethi
Mr Nayar, I'll condone the delay. You file a replication. I said something last time for your client also.. but it has fallen on deaf ears : Court

No Your lordship! We were waiting for the responses: Nayar
Court dictates the order.

Delay in filing responses is condoned.
Written statement are formally taken on record: Court
Court grants three weeks' time to Plaintiff to file replication.

Matter to be listed before joint registrar for completion of pleading and admission-denial. The previous order will continue to operate: Court
I'm not taking a roll call. Just give your appearances: Court
The matter would be heard by the joint registrar on January 18, 2021.

Matter to be heard by court on March 23,2021.

There's no hurry: Court

Yes: Nayar
Hearing over.

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Funny, before the election I recall lefties muttering the caravan must have been a Trump setup because it made the open borders crowd look so bad. Why would the pro-migrant crowd engineer a crisis that played into Trump's hands? THIS is why. THESE are the "optics" they wanted.

This media manipulation effort was inspired by the success of the "kids in cages" freakout, a 100% Stalinist propaganda drive that required people to forget about Obama putting migrant children in cells. It worked, so now they want pics of Trump "gassing children on the border."

There's a heavy air of Pallywood around the whole thing as well. If the Palestinians can stage huge theatrical performances of victimhood with the willing cooperation of Western media, why shouldn't the migrant caravan organizers expect the same?

It's business as usual for Anarchy, Inc. - the worldwide shredding of national sovereignty to increase the power of transnational organizations and left-wing ideology. Many in the media are true believers. Others just cannot resist the narrative of "change" and "social justice."

The product sold by Anarchy, Inc. is victimhood. It always boils down to the same formula: once the existing order can be painted as oppressors and children as their victims, chaos wins and order loses. Look at the lefties shrieking in unison about "Trump gassing children" today.