Option Buying Simplified (PART -2)

Very important thread for all option buyers 🧵

Just 5 to 10 minutes to read but it can change your trading a lot.

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Main problem which most option buyers face is Option Premium erosion ( Theta Decay ). So I have shared a simple & effective process to understand the option decay during Live Market before entering option buying trades

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Follow up example from the above chart about Option premium decay during sideways market. In general most option premium erosion (theta decay) happens during sideways market.

Theta is option buyers ENEMY

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Option Buyers high probability zones while trading ATM & ITM strike prices.

VWAP helps a lot in providing data during Live Market

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Option buyers want,

Price should not spend more time on & around VWAP

If above confirmation is not there during Live Market wait for the opportunity. Make Trading as simple as possible.

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Main work of a option buyer is to stay with the current market direction. When all clues from the chart is showing,

Bullish means focus more on CE
Bearish means focus more on PE

40% to 50% of your loss will be reduced by following the above steps

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End of the thread

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Most traders do or did BREAKOUT TRADING

Here in this Thread 🧵 a effective technique i use to trade both breakout & false breakout

It will take 5 minutes to read

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Main problem most breakout traders face is false breakout. So if we understand other side of breakout trading false breakout can also be used as a trading opportunity . Read this thread i have shared few examples.

Chart example - 1

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Rather getting confused whether the breakout will be a success or failure - look in perspective of double opportunity

Chart example -2

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Breakout trading using simple Swing levels. Below example is about making use of false breakout as a trade opportunity. Controlled position sizing can only help a trader to become profitable

Chart example 3

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Here are 16 Free & powerful Scanners for Traders.


1. NR7 breakout scanner -
NR7 is a great concept using which you can identify the potential breakout candidates.
For details on NR& concept refer to this thread -
Here's the scanner -

2. Volume & price shockers -
This scans the stocks that have seen a sudden rise in their volume by over 2x times the average volume of last 10 days and have gained or lost more than 5% today.
Great candidate for breakout /

3. 15 min breakouts -
These stocks have shown a rise in both prices as well as volume in the last 15 min. High chances that they will continue the rally

4. Engulfing Candle scan -
This scans the stocks which are in extended up/down trend & have formed Engulfing candle now. They are a great candidate to take reversal trades.

Bullish engulfing - https://t.co/4pOosoeMsL
Bearish engulfing -

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Price Action Trading Strategy for Directional traders

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VWAP + PIVOT POINTS Intraday Trading Strategy for Directional traders

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Buyers vs Sellers - To identify index direction using candlesticks charts

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