20 very useful FREE available scanners which i have gathered from various social media platforms.


Thread on scanners 🧵

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FYI - I have not created any of the below scanners and i have only tried to gather and complied various scanners at one place so it can be useful for many traders.

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Open =High , Open = Low scanner


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Stocks above pivot point resistance level


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Stock above pivot open


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Volume shockers


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Volume in Action


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Pivot & VWAP scanners


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Shorter timeframe breakout


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High quality business - Fundamental scanners


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BTST scanner


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BTST scanner -2


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Weekly narrow range candles


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RSI based bullish stock scanner


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RSI based bearish stock scanner


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Double Bollinger Band Scanner for positional trading


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Double Bollinger Band Scanner for swing trading


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Multi Timeframe Bollinger band scanner


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Volatility Contraction Pattern (vcp) scanner


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Open Drive Intraday scanner


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Price Near VWAP scanner


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52 week breakout scanner


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1. Trading is a business were first we have to believe in ourselves and have a fearless mindset with calculated risk.

2. Don't risk more than 1 to 2% of your capital on a single trading session or per trade.(This one simple rule will first help us to stop losing big)

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3. Skill or business can't be developed overnight or in few weeks so first stop praying or searching for some magic strategy to make lakhs/crores overnight or in few months

4. Fear can stop us from growth so don't think of the outcome ( Profit or loss )- Scroll down👇

follow the process & execute trades with clarity and confidence

5. Process is about having a trade plan , following few trading strategy more than 1000 times with risk & position size in control. Fear develops only when we can't handle or see big mtm swing

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6. We trade in the market to make money so it's nothing wrong to start trading with 1 lot or 2 lot etc... Start small and make it big.

But most do reverse starting big and after huge losses trading small- Here FEAR factor has took full control of your trading

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Highly effective Trading strategy which can help to follow the trend & ride the direction in BANKNIFTY ( Without Indicators)

For Option Buyers, Option Sellers & all Directional traders

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My approach here is to focus on Low risk High Reward strategy with simple 1st 15 Minutes High & Low. You can personally do your testing.

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Trading involves both profit & loss. But still becoming a profitable traders is a skill of proper position sizing. Good position sizing is fix your losses and taking quantity according to the STOPLOSS

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Everyone want to make money from trading but ultimately traders who's main focus is on following the PRICE with risk management end up making big money from trading

Focus on Price. Rest is Noise

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Ascending triangle is created by price moves that allow for a horizontal line to be drawn along the swing highs and a rising trendline to be drawn along the swing

4/ Head and Shoulder Pattern:

It is one of several top patterns that signal an upward trend is nearing its

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Price Action Trading Strategy for Directional traders

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VWAP + PIVOT POINTS Intraday Trading Strategy for Directional traders

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Buyers vs Sellers - To identify index direction using candlesticks charts

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Here are 16 Free & powerful Scanners for Traders.


1. NR7 breakout scanner -
NR7 is a great concept using which you can identify the potential breakout candidates.
For details on NR& concept refer to this thread -
Here's the scanner -

2. Volume & price shockers -
This scans the stocks that have seen a sudden rise in their volume by over 2x times the average volume of last 10 days and have gained or lost more than 5% today.
Great candidate for breakout /

3. 15 min breakouts -
These stocks have shown a rise in both prices as well as volume in the last 15 min. High chances that they will continue the rally

4. Engulfing Candle scan -
This scans the stocks which are in extended up/down trend & have formed Engulfing candle now. They are a great candidate to take reversal trades.

Bullish engulfing - https://t.co/4pOosoeMsL
Bearish engulfing -

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