Trading is about mastering ONE setup

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This setup is involves a few elements but is mainly comprised of the idea "change in trend"

I'm simply waiting for confirmation of a trend change and then taking advantage of it

Here's the breakdown:
First, I need to identify trend.

This step is simple. Is price making higher highs? Higher lows?
Once trend is established, I wait to see a CHANGE IN TREND

For example, in a downtrend I may see a higher high form.

That's the first sign of a change in trend
Price was able to break the structure of the previous higher low.

Indicating the first sign of a trend change.

If you don't know how to identify a break of structure, read this (after finishing this thread)👇
Now that price has seen a higher high, we can assume trend is going to change to the upside

Meaning we should see a lower high

That's when we want to look to buy

But where do I buy?⬇️
There are 2 things I look for when determining where to buy:

1. Retracement

2. Supply/Demand
For retracements, I simply draw a fib from the low to the higher high that was formed

All I want to be buying is anywhere below the 50% retracement

Anything above, I don't buy
Then, I'll look for a supply/demand zone to enter (that's below the 50% retrace)

This helps determine my stop loss and entry

If you don't know supply/demand, read here (after this thread of course)
After entering, I'll put in my stop and use the higher high as my first target
That's about it!

There's a few other elements/concepts that I look at in my full strategy...

but that's for another thread😉
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