Over trading is one of the top reasons I failed for 2 years

Here's how to stop overtrading and get rid of your trading addicition:🧵

The first key to stop overtrading is establishing a set of rules

Create a set of rules so you know when you SHOULD stop over-trading
It can be based on $ gain/loss or just the amount of trades taken

Either way, there needs to be a written list you can follow
The second key is having a hobby.

Something you can do once you've stopped trading

It could be...
-Working out
-Doing chores
-Talking to a friend

As long as you have SOMETHING you can do everyday after trading

It should help you out
I would also suggest getting a trading buddy

A trading buddy is simply another trader (or non-trader) that you can talk to throughout the trading day

Not to talk about trades, but more as a mental coach
Someone who you can text when you're feeling emotional

And they will tell you to get off the computer

Sometimes we just need to hear it from someone else to actually execute
Lastly, I would recommend turning off the screens.

Like literally shutting your computer/monitor off and walking away

You need to PHYSICALLY set yourself apart from the trading scene
Doing this will allow your brain to think about doing something else, rather than trading
To summarize:

1. Have a set of trading rules

2. Have a hobby

3. Find a trading buddy

4. Physically constrain yourself
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