12 tweets that will teach you more than a $4,997 trading course:

1) Relative Strength

Watch which stocks are green while the market is red

Institutions are most likely buying those up
2) Less is more

If you disagree with this, you're probably not a profitable trader

Take 1/2 the amount of trades you normally do and see what happens
3) The Market Doesn't Care About Indicators

You really think the funds putting millions of dollars into the market are "buying off a 9 ema"???

Get rid of your indicators

Just watch price and volume
4) Sell Options

Market makers, funds, banks, pretty much everyone other than retail is on the opposite side of your weekly OTM option

Collect premium and make money every week
5) Short Term vs. Long Term

It's easiest to trade opposite sides of the spectrum

If you're looking to take swing trades that take 3 weeks, don't.

Either go small time frame or invest

No Middle Term trades
6) Risk Management > Everything

It doesn't matter if your an emotionless robot with a 90% win rate.

If that one loss you take ends up greater than all the winners, you'll never be profitable
7) Don't Paper Trade

Paper trading should only be used to get comfortable with a trading platform.

Trade with real money, small size so you can feel emotions

Trading with paper will hurt you more than help you
8) Keep Your Job

I trade full-time and I love it.

I also did it after I had a year of consistency and 1.5x my salary in savings.

Don't think you can go full-time after a month of profits

Give it a year.
9) Consistency > Profits

My 5 year old nephew could walk out of the market with profits tomorrow

but he can't everyday

A losing month being consistent teaches more than randomness
10) Withdraw Your Profits

Stop trying to grow $1,000 into $1M

You can grow/compound your account and take out profits at the same time

will keep you disciplined
11) Stop Strategy Hopping

Stick with one concept your good at (support/resistance, balance theory, breakouts, etc.)

If it's not working, develop a stricter criteria/more clearly defined strategy for entries and exits
12) Intuition

Trading for over 5 years, you start to get intuition for when something will happen

It will take time, but once you fully understand how the market really works, you'll get it
Thanks for reading.

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