Adding market structure to your trading could literally turn you into a $10k/month trader

But learning what a real structure break is can take months...

So here's a thread on how to identify a break of structure:👇

A structure break is simply when price breaks a pivot high/low

But there are a few rules that help determine if that break is a real BOS

Because the opposite of a BOS is a stop hunt
Let's first go over what a stop hunt is.

A stop hunt is when price takes out a pivot and immediately reverses.

Here's an example on $NQ
Stop hunts are typically wicks and result in a strong move in the opposite direction

A break of structure is simply the opposite

And can be comprised of 2 different rules:
1. Continuation

After price breaks a pivot, look for continuation in that direction

You'll also want to see price stay above the pivot line

Here's an example on $TSLA
Continuation shows that there was a price imbalance and a trend has been established

It also shows the strength of that trend

As well as the opportunity for a supply/demand zone to form
A break of structure can also be established if there is enough time

Meaning if price breaks a high and spends TIME above that high (rather than instantly reversing)...

it shows that it wasn't a stop hunt
Here's an example on $ES

Price didn't have continuation, but also never immediately reversed

It spent time chopping through the pivot line

Meaning there's real demand up at those levels

This is important because now there is a swing low that buyers should defend...
in order for the trend to stay bullish

If price were to just stop hunt above the highs and reverse...

then trend may be bearish and you shouldn't be looking for bullish setups

One more mention about time👇
There is no specific amount of time needed for a BOS

It's relative to the timeframe you're looking at

The best way to understand time is just by studying charts

You'll start to see the difference between a BOS and a stop hunt
This thread may have been confusing for some but to summarize...

1. Trend is all about higher highs/lows and lower highs/lows

2. A stop hunt isn't a real high/low

3. A BOS is a real high/low
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