Making $1k/month is great, but $10k/month is even better💰

Here are 5 things you NEED to master to grow your trading to $10k per month🚀

1. Trading a Proven System
Trading with a winning and proven system is key to consistency in the markets 🔑

In order to scale to $10k/month, you’ll need to have a strategy that can make you $1k/month🎯
Consistency is the most important aspect for growing a trading account, and a proven strategy will help you get there👇
2. Controlling Emotions
Trading is a marathon, not a sprint. If you go from using $5k for each trade, to using $50k for each trade, your emotions will play a role.

You CANNOT trade with money that you aren’t willing to lose 🙏
Slowly build your account by increasing your size each week 🦥

Going from $1k - $10k shouldn’t be overnight❌

It should take months for that to happen so you are COMFORTABLE trading with a bigger size✅
3. Morning Process
If you want to make $10k/month, you need to treat trading like a business 🏦

A CONSISTENT, morning process (from wake up to market open) is necessary to scale your trading 📈

Waking up 5 minutes before open will hurt you from growing your account😟
4. Risk Management
While risk management in a trade (R/R) is important, risk management with your account is just as important.

You won’t grow an account unless you use CONSISTENT sizing 🗝️

That means risking the SAME amount of capital in each trade 👍
Don’t risk $100 on one trade and then $400 on the next.

If you're currently risking $100 per trade, slowly go to $200 next week, then $300 the week or month after that

You’ll need to keep your losers at around the same $ amount in order to successfully grown an account.
5. Mental/Physical Health
Trading is a mental game🧠

If you aren’t mentally AND physically healthy, trading can be dangerous💪

Having a healthy diet, workout routine, enough sleep, and a strong mental health all play an important role in trading👇
If you aren’t disciplined in your real life, how do you expect to be disciplined in your trading?

This lesson changed my life☝️
I hope you enjoyed my thread

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