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Mitesh Sir's EXPIRY Option Selling 101:
• What to look for?
• Strike Selection & Ratios
• SL mgmt
• Avoiding freezes
• Monthy Expiry
• Event days
• How he would have traded last expiry?

In collaboration with @AdityaTodmal

Edward de Bono says intelligence is like a🚗 Automobile

“A powerful car may be driven badly. A less powerful car may be driven well. The skill of the car driver determines how the power of the car is used.”
What @Mitesh_Engr Sir looks at for Expiry Trading:

• Technicals of BNF
• Individual Heavyweight stocks of BNF
• Support/Resistance of BNF on weekly TF
• Also has Superb SL management
• When it comes to adjustments, he is always on toes
How to Select Strikes to Sell?

• You can't sell based on premium
• Follow only trend
• Price action is best to sell on expiry day
• Never wait for the options to go to zero
Using Ratios to Sell:

• If BNF is in a range then strangles
• If breakout/ breakdown from a range then directional
• Selling 70/30 or 80/20 ratios
• 2 examples on how he used ratios
Stop Loss Management:

Logical explanation given by @Mitesh_Engr Sir on how to manage stop losses

• SL shouldn't hit easily given the spikes on expiry day
• High probability of success
• Don't lose huge in a violent move
Excellent explanation on how to avoid an option freeze on an expiry day:

• Keep Stop loss below range
• Exit when hit
• Re-enter when index enters range

• Ability to take re-entry multiple times
• High premiums
• Limited qty
• High profit
• Don't sell Rs. 1-3 options
• Sell higher premiums and book them at Rs. 2-5

Have added an example of how he had conviction on a particular expiry day
Monthly Expiry:

• Never assume option writers will defend their positions
• They are already expired
• Play according to day trend
• No prediction
How to play expiry if knitted with Events:

• No expiry view ahead of the event
• Take decision post the event
• Look at price action to see where chances are based on certain levels
• Risk would lower as we've avoided the volatility
What @Mitesh_Engr Sir has to say on low premium selling on expiry day: 👇

• Sell lower premiums high probability
• Repeat multiple times
• Lose heavy one time
• Risk reward is unfavorable
• Classic case of eating like a chicken & shitting like an elephant
How to play last Thursday's Expiry? (15th July 2021)

• Daily chart shows ready for breakout
• Derived supports on hourly charts
Through explanation as to how @Mitesh_Engr Sir plays intraday on expiry

A detailed explanation on last Thursday's Expiry given below:

Please go through it to absorb better
Put option charts of last Thursday

• All Puts trading below ATP
• All strikes were supports or below it
Call Option charts of last Thursday

• Trading below ATP after 13:00 hours
• 36000 was a resistance
• Calls above it expected to be zero
This was a thread on how @Mitesh_Engr Sir trades on expiry day.

@niki_poojary and @AdityaTodmal will be collaborating to make more such interesting threads on how Mitesh Sir trades

Keep an 👀 out for those threads

Happy learning weekend to everyone!🤠
If you have missed out on how @Mitesh_Engr Sir trades Positional Option selling

You can check the same here 👇

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Of Men, Mice & Languages!

Inspired by the thread below, I am pleased to share the fruits of my labour!😀

Presenting my AMT - Aryan Mouse Theory*!

आर्यमिश्रान् विज्ञापयामि अस्मिन् विषये।

While this may seem in jest, the data👇🏼shown is all valid

[*channeling my inner Witzel}

As the screenshot shows, the word for Mouse is remarkably conserved across multiple languages

German - Maus
Dutch - Muis
Swedish - Musen
Russian - myš’
Czech - Myš
Polish - Mysz
Bulgarian - miškata
Slovenian - Miška

Samskritam मूषिकः । Mushika | Mushaka

Here is a list of 70+ languages with the word for ‘Mouse’

In fact, total list may be 100+ languages!

Quite remarkable!

But why?

Mice & humans in fact, go a long way back

The history of origin & spread of Mouse is an important clue to the spread of human beings & languages

१ Mice originated in India & SEA

२ 10,000 years ago had split to 4 populations with non-overlapping range in India

३ Mouse started commensalism only after agricultural communities started

४ domesticus spread to fertile crescent

५ musculus spread to China

६ 4000 BP ->Europe

This is the map highlighting the spread of mice

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