1/ Jassa Singh Ahluwalia & his role in the history of Shri Harmandir Sahib (A Thread)

2/ Jassa Singh was born in 1720/21 at a village called Ahlu in the Lahore District of Punjab.
3/ Jassa Singh was educated in Delhi, in Persian, Arabic & more, under the care & supervision of Mata Sundari Ji.

Mata Sundari Gurdwara in Delhi.
4/ In 1733, Jassa Singh's mama, Thag Singh (ਤਾਗ ਸਿੰਘ), requested Mata Sundari Ji's permission to take Jassa Singh back to Punjab.
5/ At first Mata Ji refused but eventually gave permission for Jassa Singh to go with his mama, giving Jassa Singh a blessing and weapons, informing him, it was now the right time to take up arms.
6/ It is said that it was this blessing, of Mata Sundari Ji, that led to the formation and life of the Kapurthala state.
7/ It was only a year later, in 1734, when Jassa Singh's mama, Thag Singh passed away. Jassa Singh was then made the leader of the Ahluwalia misl, at the age of 13, due to his fearlessness and ability as a great warrior.
8/ Jassa Singh took amrit from Sardar Kapur Singh Faizalpuria, better known as Nawab Kapur Singh. It was due to the aforementioned characteristics that led to Jassa Singh being picked as a commander of the Dal Khalsa.
9/ Jassa Singh helped transform the Dal Khalsa into a ਲੜਾਕੂ ਫ਼ੌਜ
10/ After Nawab Kapur Singh's passing in 1753, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia is made the Sardar and Sultan-ul-Mulk of the Khalsa, continuing the teaching of dharma.
11/ After the Vadda Ghalughara (The Great Massacre) of February 1762, Ahmed Shah Abdali purposefully raided Amritsar, destroyed Sri Harmandar Sahib, filled the sarovar with mud and dirt.
12/ This was done in order to attack the Sikhs psychologically and to try to weaken the Sikhs. Abdali and his forces were convinced the Sikhs took special power from the water of Sri Harmandir Sahib.
13/ Ahmed Shah then ensured he installed co-operative governors - Zain Khan Governor of Sirhind, Yar Khan of the Jalandhar Doaba and Kabuli Mall the Governor of Lahore
14/ By the time Ahmed Shah had left Punjab, Jassa Singh had rallied the Sikh forces together. First attacking Kasur defeating the Pathans in battle and looting the city.
15/ Then, killing the Governor of the Jalandhar Doaba - Yar Khan - and Sirhind (1764) - Zain Khan - and plundering the city.
16/ After the conquest and plunder of Kasur, Jalandhar and Lahore, the Jassa Singh had considerable wealth which was shared out in the lakhs. However, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia did not wish to keep the money, and a Sarbat Khalsa was convened at the Akal Takht.
17/ The money was given to Bhai Des Raj, Bidhichandia, Sur Singh, as they were known to be an honest banker, and was thus made responsible for the reconstruction of Harmandir Sahib.
18/ The reconstruction of Sri Harmandir Sahib began on 19th April 1764 AD with the first stone being placed by Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and was complete in 1776 AD.
19/ Bhai Des Raj was also instructed to construct Qila Ahluwalia, a military fortress to protect Harmandir Sahib, adjoined to Katra Ahluwalia, a planned and secured residential locality.
20/ The Qila even includes tunnels that lead to Harmandir Sahib
21/ This is the South Gate of Qila Ahluwalia, not much of it remains.
22/ All of the above is from Shri Harmandir Sahib Ji Da Ithaas by Dr Ajit Singh Aulakh, chapter 4

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