I want to explain what happened to tumblr overnight. And why Twitter as reached it's dream (or have come ever so close to it)

Yahoo, who bought Tumblr years ago, used to have a huge adult presence on the early net. They allowed adult groups and what not.
However, people and bots (just like now) misused the service, and Yahoo were forced to make a choice. They made private the groups (and later closed them down and sold some of it to other companies) and then ended their chatrooms on yahoo messenger...
after a incident with one of the chatrooms vid cams. The damage was done, Yahoo Messenger lost a lot of people - and with the closing of the groups - backpage and Craigslist came more important.
Now backpage is no more and Craigslist is slowly passing away. Tumblr had a semi strong community, but once 2014 came around and both porn, and political bots exploded the quality started to go down,
Apple finds out damaging information about the Tumblr App, which just a reskin of the main website, Apple takes it down. Verizon, the owners of Oath, who owns Tumblr, went holy roller on the site. Most of the artist pages and other work from anime and animation were wiped.
Now we find out that TUMBLR had a secret filter data base...with the FBI and others. Yall should know the reasons why. Not only they know who the bad men are, the fact Tumblr didnt tell local agencies about this and who doing dark shit is a red fucking flag.
That not the worst thing. The worst thing is that Tumblr took down legit shit too that wasnt even close to bad shit. This has become a problem, and now with most of the stuff people want to see gone, only leaving the toxic nature of the conversation left... Tumblr is done.
But that leaves something important. It deals with Twitter. For years the dream of many of these now mega Silicon Valley CEO's was to Copy the power and ease of use somewhat of 2Channel, or more known as 2Chan.
4Chan was made some years later - but there were competition between other boards. 4Chan was the freest space (or at least one of it) on the net for a while...
Until Poole betrayed the base. Now he works as Google as it were, but he has made a mess of things there as well. 4Chan is about to split up last I heard between a 4Channel sfw and the 4Chan nsfw...
Even with 4Chan being the bad guy of the internet - full of dark dank memes and what not - aspects of it these SV CEO's and VC's love. This is where twitter comes to play and dont you realize that the dream is about to come true?
With 4Chan diminished, Tumblr finally on its death throes, Mastodon not ready for Prime Time as of yet. Gab not sure if its going to be for free speech or not... the only one left is Twitter. Twitter wants to become bigger than 2Channel ever was and it might yet do so.
Think about how Twitter Looks and How 2Chan operates. The ideas are nearly the same even if the constrictions are there.
And guess who gets all the straggerlers from Backpage, Creiglist, Tumblr and other places.
Twitter. Twitter becomes the world wide version of 2Chan.
That was the goal.
There nearly there.
And it was all because of sex and sex in abundance.

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I'd like to offer a few words about why Parler's "Russian IP" is nothing of note to me.

First, the IP belongs to ddos-guard, a CDN (Content Delivery Network). First, a CDN is a service gets content to your site visitors faster through methods which aren't important right now. /1

Well, it kind of is, hrm. There are two ways it makes it faster: 1. by putting copies of often-loaded content closer to the end users, and by using a dedicated network to spread out to places closer to your end users. There's a problem: right now DDOS-guard isn't doing that.

Right now, when you look up
https://t.co/6vN8gzCjkW, the return is a single IP address in Russia. That IP is not in Russia, it's in Belize.

DDoS-guard offers a service where you locate your own address allocation on their network, but this isn't what Parler is doing (yet, and I suspect they never will).

Basically, all we know is that Parler has not committed to using ddos-guard yet, in the sense that they...

aren't using it for anything that would be useful from a technical point of view (with the possible exception of some network filtering). I say that because CDNs really shine when you have a page that makes a lot of calls back to the origin server, but right now...
I have 4 email addresses on my Gmail Business account with 2 different domains, like this:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

But I'm only paying for 1 account, 6$/month.

I'll show you how you can set this up, too, in 12 steps. 👇🏼

1. Go to
https://t.co/W4U4atKBWq and authenticate your paid account. Google always first shows me my private @gmail.com account to authenticate. If it does that to you, too, that's the wrong account. You really need to switch to the business account and authenticate/log in there.

2. On the admin panel click "Domains".

3. On the next page click "Manage Domains". Now you'll see 2 options to choose from: "Add a domain" and "Add a domain alias".

4. Add a domain, if you have a different set of users per domain. For example Ann is working for business A, Leo for business B. Ann would get the email address [email protected], Leo would get [email protected]. In this case you'd pay for each user added to each domain.

Google takes different per user prices depending on the plan you select. If you're on the Starter plan and pay 6$/user/month, you'd have to pay 6$/month for Leo for adding him to the business B domain. In total, you'd pay 18$/m in total for you, Ann and Leo for 3 email addresses.

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