I've used Microsoft Excel for 20 years and these 10 shortcuts will make you an Excel Guru in 5 minutes & maximize your productivity 100x:

🧵 Don't use Excel without knowing these 10 shortcuts:

(1) Repeat the Last Action: Ctrl + Y

You have just applied a formatting style to a cell, use Ctrl + Y to quickly apply the same formatting to another cell.
(2) Display Formulas in cells: Ctrl + ~

If you have a cell that contains a formula, you can use Ctrl + ~ to switch between the formula view and the value view of the cell. This allows you to see the underlying formula used to calculate the cell value.
(3) AutoSum: Alt + =

The AutoSum shortcut is useful for quickly calculating the sum of a range of cells without having to manually type in the formula
(4) Insert current date: Ctrl + ; (date)

When tracking the progress of a project, add the date each time a task is completed. Use Ctrl + ; to quickly insert the current date.
(5) Insert a hyperlink: Ctrl + K

This shortcut is useful for quickly creating a hyperlink to a website, file, or another location in your spreadsheet.
(6) Paste Special: Ctrl + Alt + V

This shortcut opens the Paste Special dialog box, allowing you to select the options for pasting the copied data, such as formatting, formulas, values, or comments.
(7) Fill down: Ctrl + D

This is useful for quickly copying data or formulas from the top cell to the cells below.
(8) Freeze Panes: Alt + W + F + F

If you have data with headers in the top row, and you want to keep the headers visible while scrolling, use Alt + W + F + F to freeze the top row, so the headers remain visible while scrolling through the data.
(9) Autosize columns: Alt + H + O + I

If you have multiple columns, and some of the columns contain text or numbers that are too wide to display in full, then use Alt + H + O + I to quickly adjust the width of the columns to display the full content of the cells.
(10) Add Filters: Ctrl + Shift + L

This shortcut adds a filter to the selected cells, allowing you to sort and filter the data based on certain information, such as sales data for a time period or region.

Use filter options to display only the information you need.
(11) Find & replace: Ctrl + H

If you have a word or value you need to replace with something else, use Ctrl + H to enter the text or value you want to find, and then enter the text or value you want to replace it with, to replace all instances of it.
(12) Insert Comment in a Cell: Shift + F2

This shortcut is useful for adding comments to cells to provide additional information or context about the data.
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