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How to Scan for stocks whose options move over 1000%🔥
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THREAD // How I Invest

1. Successful Investing starts with Education
2. Psychology of Trading & General Rules
3. Essentials of Fundamental Analysis
4. Master Technical Analysis
5. Screening for Stocks
6. Making a Watchlist
7. Money Management
8. Diversification of Accounts

1 // Successful Investing starts with Education

Following 2000-2002, I realized that I needed an education to help me understand many of the topics mentioned in this thread.

So, I started to educated myself using books. Seek mentors as well.


2 // Psychology of Trading & General Rules

Develop a working SYSTEM (for you)
Preservation of capital
Consistent profitability
Cutting losses short
Superior returns

Understanding “You”:
What is your general personality?
What influences your decisions?
What is your lifestyle?

3a // Essentials of Fundamental Analysis

Earnings Per Share:
1. % Change in Latest Qtr EPS vs. Same QTR Prior Year
2. % Increase in Next Year’s EPS Estimate vs Prior Year’s Actual EPS
3. % Change in Latest EPS, trend past several qtrs
4. Annual % EPS Growth Rate of Last 3 Years

3b // Essentials of Fundamental Analysis

Sales / Revenues
1. % Change Latest Qtr’s Sales vs. Same Qtr Prior Year
2. % Change Latest Reported Fiscal Year Sales vs. Prior Year
3. % Change in Latest Sales, trend past several qtrs
4. Annual % Sales Growth Rate of Last 3 Years

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