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1/. I will make a thread here with some details so you can see for yourself how a small clique of pro Chinese gatekeeping editors and admins have bullied editors, throttled dissent and gamed the system to impose their POV.

@jimmy_wales 2/. I am a supporter of WP
@jimmy_wales 3/. This is what I ended up feeling about WP after 2020
@jimmy_wales 4/. Some disturbing bias
@jimmy_wales 5./ Some members of the gatekeeping clique
@jimmy_wales 6/. Scrubbed Pages (1)
discussed here
@jimmy_wales 7/. Wikipedia Dirty Tricks
@jimmy_wales 8/. The Sad Case of the Scrupulous Scribe (Thread 2)
@jimmy_wales 9/. The Clique exposed
@jimmy_wales 10/. The Misrepresentation of Professor Ebright @R_H_Ebright
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright 11/. @FrancescoEsp33 Raises some Issues
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 12/ Wikipedia's current take on lab leak theory
(Thread 2)
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 13/. The WP Saga continues
Notice the same names again and again using wiki lawyering to push their POV and taunt and frustrate innocent editors wishing to make minor edits (e.g: Tedros WHO clarification on lab leak likelihood)
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 14/. Another Editor bites the dust, never to return to WP
(sanctioned then banned)
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 15/. Cambridge Working Group
Now the gatekeeping clique are determined to censor another page
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 15/. Cambridge Working Group (2)
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 16/. Slugged to Death again
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 17/. The Wuhan Institute of Virology Talk Page
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 18/. Boing! said Zebedee! with a hatchet again!
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 19/. Censorship in Action
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 20/. Conclusion:
Too many well meaning editors wishing to contribute evidenced based edits have been mobbed, provoked, throttled, gagged, suspended & banned by a clique of wikilawyering gatekeepers determined to accept no challenges to their POV.
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 21/. This really takes the Biscuit
usual suspects at it again
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 22/. Addendum, the sad story of a Monkey on WP
Read it and sob hysterically into your pillow
@jimmy_wales @R_H_Ebright @FrancescoEsp33 23/. Vomit
The disruption related to the lab leak conspiracy theory has gone on for over a year at this point. Enough is enough. (Hemiauchenia)

More from Billy Bostickson 🏴👁&👁 🆓

Same covid-19 mutations are appearing in different places, which may or may not be strange....
41,000 mutations documented in 880 lineages.
Most in spike protein
What explains it?
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen Clearly, because as I have been saying for 8 months now, DTRA and DARPA have been using Ecohealth and UC Davis to collect novel pathogens for gain of function work back in the USA. I have documented this in many threads which I will post here just to annoy everyone.

@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen

@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen

@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen

@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen
PCR Drosten Fail Compilation
1. Ten Fatal Errors: Scientists Attack Paper That Established Global PCR Driven Lockdown
2. Review report Corman-Drosten et al.
3. Consequences of false

PCR Drosten Fail Compilation
4. Files for download
5. Addendum
6. False positives in reverse transcription PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2
7. Discussion on Retraction

PCR Drosten Fail Compilation
8. 124 Tweet Thread by Bobby Rajesh Malhotra
9. Another shorter thread by @Bobby_Network
10. Thread by Abir Ballan

PCR Drosten Fail Compilation
11. Mini Thread by @Kevin_McKernan
12. Another longer thread by @Kevin_McKernan

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"Find B2C local businesses"

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Take the list of domains, and plug them into Klean Leads "Find B2B contacts"


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Let's scrape marketing agencies.

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