@Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen Clearly, because as I have been saying for 8 months now, DTRA and DARPA have been using Ecohealth and UC Davis to collect novel pathogens for gain of function work back in the USA. I have documented this in many threads which I will post here just to annoy everyone.

@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/y0cfXORduN
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/LuHgOp1lCt
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/D4Oh2TH5LS
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/GNbHqOt7xw
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/Mj1QUeQnP4
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/Y6I1FffLPc
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/D7P8QaaBmO
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/ZlbZkfyTsh
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/ebmcIdFqsp
@snip96581187 @Daoyu15 @lab_leak @walkaboutrick @ydeigin @Ayjchan @franciscodeasis @TheSeeker268 @angie_rasmussen https://t.co/FHQBct8Zii

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Wikipedia's current take on lab leak theory
Meanwhile the slugs are trying to erase all evidence of their censorship activities
I do what I can but I am not Jesus, just a Monkey with a Mouse and WiFi

British Financed Hemiauchenia Slug Festival
search term "Wuhan"

Boing! said Zebedee! with a hatchet again!
"I'm collapsing this wall of text to reduce disruption caused by X, who is now blocked for 1 month from this article & its talk page under WP:GS/COVID19 sanctions.
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More Censorship from the Gang of Slugs
"Agree with this, and nice tidy up job"

More Slug baiting and collaboration
@Britishfinance: I've followed your suggestion and added some material -Thucydides411
Thucydides411, nice work there and looks good. I think adding that the lab didn’t even have SARS-CoV-2 would also be worth it Thanks again. Britishfinance
1/X Bellagio Rockefeller Initiative (Global Virome Project)
Another look at some key people in the GVP & their media statements since January 2020 about "natural origin" and impossibility of a "lab leak"
Full List of 18 scientists in photograph is here:

We have already looked closely at Dennis Carroll, Peter Daszak, George Gao, W. Ian Lipkin & seen their public statements supporting "natural origin" & hysterical attacks on "lab leak" theories.
This thread focuses on:
Michael Kurilla
Jonna Mazet
Edward Rubin (Metabiota)

If we look at the leadership team of GVP, you will see some familiar faces:
Most familiar is probably Peter Daszak, the wealthy Treasurer, also with the key role of Secretary.
Note: USAID PREDICT Project - EcoHealthAlliance

The "Chair" is Dr. Dennis Carroll
We will have a look at his media statements on the coronavirus pandemic by inputting his name in Twitter search box (very easy!)
Note: Previously was Director of USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats Program

5/X Dennis Carroll's video media statements (1):
(note Qinghai Thangka positioned in background which Daszak also shows off in his videos obtained during EcoHealth virus hunt with
@Daoyu15 @franciscodeasis @spectropan @ResearchGate @TheSeeker268 STRANGE TO SEE THIS IN Wuhan Hu-1
Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus isolate Wuhan-Hu-1
Bat coronavirus BM48-31/BGR/2008
Human coronavirus 229E

@franciscodeasis @spectropan @ResearchGate @TheSeeker268 A Bulgarian Bat Virus mentioned in Lam et al:
Identification of 2019-nCoV related coronaviruses in Malayan pangolins in southern China

@franciscodeasis @spectropan @ResearchGate @TheSeeker268 Bat coronavirus BM48-31/BGR/2008



@franciscodeasis @spectropan @ResearchGate @TheSeeker268 Genomic characterization of severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus in European bats and classification of coronaviruses based on partial RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene sequences.

@franciscodeasis @spectropan @ResearchGate @TheSeeker268 Complete Genome Sequence of a SARS - Related Coronavirus from Kenyan Bats
Tao and Tong

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