1/X Bellagio Rockefeller Initiative (Global Virome Project)
Another look at some key people in the GVP & their media statements since January 2020 about "natural origin" and impossibility of a "lab leak"
Full List of 18 scientists in photograph is here:

We have already looked closely at Dennis Carroll, Peter Daszak, George Gao, W. Ian Lipkin & seen their public statements supporting "natural origin" & hysterical attacks on "lab leak" theories.
This thread focuses on:
Michael Kurilla
Jonna Mazet
Edward Rubin (Metabiota)
If we look at the leadership team of GVP, you will see some familiar faces:
Most familiar is probably Peter Daszak, the wealthy Treasurer, also with the key role of Secretary.
Note: USAID PREDICT Project - EcoHealthAlliance
The "Chair" is Dr. Dennis Carroll
We will have a look at his media statements on the coronavirus pandemic by inputting his name in Twitter search box (very easy!)
Note: Previously was Director of USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats Program
5/X Dennis Carroll's video media statements (1):
(note Qinghai Thangka positioned in background which Daszak also shows off in his videos obtained during EcoHealth virus hunt with WIV)
6/X Dennis Carroll's media statements (2)
7/X Dennis Carroll's media statements (3) https://t.co/tffm8IdXZp
links reveal Dennis Carroll's thought patterns either via audio, video or in the press.
Draw your own conclusions!
8/X Jonna Mazet
Next we will look at what Jonna Mazet has been saying publicly since January. Jonna is a VIP in the US, a Professor, Director of USAID's One Health & Predict Projects, a VIP in the US Covid-19 response team and here we see she is also an important GVP team member
9/X Jonna Mazet's media statements (1)
CGTN (Chinese TV)
"U.S. researcher who worked with Wuhan lab says virus leak 'highly unlikely'"
via @uacjess
via @WhoWuhan
10/X Mazet's media statements (2)
Next we look at her recent statements about the "impossibility" of a lab leak
11/X Jonna Mazet's 4 claims:
1. Lab’s samples don’t match new coronavirus
Mazet worked with Shi via USAID PREDICT:
“I’ve spoken to her recently, she is absolutely positive that she had never identified this virus prior to the outbreak happening”
12/X Remember Zheng-Li Shi's altered then deleted WIV bat virus database?
"Mazet added that Shi set up a secure, shared database into which PREDICT members could upload their work for public release"
I asked her about this today, not expecting a reply ;)
13/X Mazet's Claims
2. The lab implements rigorous safety protocols
Mazet said Shi’s work in the lab and in the field was above reproach:
“In the field, they wear extreme PPE, including multiple layers of gloves, eye protection, full body suits, and masks,” she said.
She lied
14/X Mazet's Claim2
She says something strange:
She noted, however, that she has not personally visited the WIV & "couldn’t speak to all the research done there"
(Very similar phrase used by Edward Holmes)
She was reported to have trained WIV lab workers.
Where? Galveston, USA?
15/X Mazet on Samples (1)
"Samples collected from bats get immediately split between vials that contain chemicals that deactivate the virus, & other containers that leave the virus alive.
All samples are then dunked into liquid nitrogen on the spot, which freezes them,
16/X samples (2)
Then vials disinfected & transported to lab.
Scientists wearing PPE unload them into a freezer set to minus 80 C.
When samples are studied later, researchers only use deactivated, non-infectious ones.
Vials with viable virus are locked down in a special area.
17/X Mazet's Claim 3
"coronavirus is latest in long line of zoonotic disease outbreaks (spillovers) & is more likely latest disease to jump from an animal host to humans "experts" say"
Oh, right, experts from GVP!
You can read her supporting examples here:
18/ X Claim 3
She states:
Cross-species hop also led to outbreaks of Ebola & SARS, which originated in bats.
3/4 of EID from other species.
Coronavirus is 7th zoonotic virus to have spilled over into people in the last century.
2009 H1N1 swine flu killed 300,000 people via pigs
19/X Claim 3
Bird flu via direct contact with infected poultry.
Pandemic influenza strains:
1957 Asian flu & 1968 HK pandemic likely started in birds
In last 45 years, at least 4 epidemics have been traced back to bats.
20/X Claim 4
"Everyday people" more likely to get infected than researchers who wear protection (dog whistle safe sex)
Caves where samples get collected from bats are dangerous places for people, since humans can be exposed to live viruses.
WIV Team entered caves without PPE!!
21/ X Claim 4
Mazet continues to lie:
"Shi’s researchers navigate those caves in full PPE; but tourists, hunters, poachers, and other people who rely on animals in some capacity for food or trade wander into such places less protected"
Blame the bloody tourists, right?
"Eroding confidence between US & Chinese researchers"
Yuan Zhiming, director of the WIV’s biosafety laboratory, told Reuters that “malicious” claims about the lab had been “pulled out of thin air” and contradicted all available evidence
What evidence? What the PLA took away?
23/X Nitty Gritty
"persistent circulation of lab-leak theory could impact future scientific cooperation & information sharing between US & China"
“What’s happening sociologically right now is biggest risk, who will want to work on this if they’re the ones put under a microscope?”
24/X Nitty Gritty
“real danger of what’s going on now is that experts like Shi & myself may not be able to keep collaborating to identify viruses because of government pressures.”
Mazet worries a blame game could even put lives at risk in the short term.
25/ X Bedtime for me, will continue tomorrow with:
Michael Kurilla the biowarfare expert
other GVP leaders:
Greedy Edward Rubin (Metabiota)
& Jennifer Gardy, Deputy Director, Surveillance, Data, and Epidemiology for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Malaria team
Oyewali Tomori

More from Billy Bostickson 🏴👁&👁 🆓

1. Not surprising that @Metabiota knew first, is it?
Early Warning of COVID-19 Enabled 100%+ Revenue
Growth in 2020 for Events Software Company




"The coronavirus in Italy since September 2019"
Unexpected detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the prepandemic period in Italy
First Published November 11, 2020
Smashed Paywall thanks to @Sci_Hub

Maybe a coincidence but an agreement was recently signed by the authors' institute and guess who?

The Lead Author specifically of the paper:
"Unexpected detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the prepandemic period in Italy"
is Giovanni Apolone of the "Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori" Milan, Italy

Some funding is involved....
Anyone good at Italian feel free to comment?

"You findee sars cov 2 in old sample back September time, we give you big fat red envelopeee, okey dokey?"

More has emerged regarding the Chinese connection
"Oncology research, Italy and China close to the collaboration protocol"
Wikipedia's current take on lab leak theory
Meanwhile the slugs are trying to erase all evidence of their censorship activities
I do what I can but I am not Jesus, just a Monkey with a Mouse and WiFi

British Financed Hemiauchenia Slug Festival
search term "Wuhan"

Boing! said Zebedee! with a hatchet again!
"I'm collapsing this wall of text to reduce disruption caused by X, who is now blocked for 1 month from this article & its talk page under WP:GS/COVID19 sanctions.
The following discussion has been closed"

More Censorship from the Gang of Slugs
"Agree with this, and nice tidy up job"

More Slug baiting and collaboration
@Britishfinance: I've followed your suggestion and added some material -Thucydides411
Thucydides411, nice work there and looks good. I think adding that the lab didn’t even have SARS-CoV-2 would also be worth it Thanks again. Britishfinance

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