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In today's thread and perhaps some subsequent threads, we will start looking into Rama as a person. The author clearly tries to bring out the human aspect of Rama captured beautifully in some of the verses.


Please note, the discussion is NEVER challenging the supreme divinity of the person, but tries to capture the nuances or the finer points of the Bhagwan.

Sri Rama had extra-ordinary merit - Unequalled, Unmatched merit. He always remained at his own highest level.

He seldom fell below it at times, wherein one can spot the conditions that led to the decline. In these conditions, he did & said things that his own higher nature would never approve.

Sri Rama was indeed the guardian and embodiment in himself of Dharma.

Some incidents bring out the very best in him where he is able to uphold his own moral ideal.

For ex, when Vibhishina sought asylum, he held a council of war with all eminent counsellors. Except Hanuman whose advice was considered weak, rest all including Lakshmana ..

recommended him to reject Vibhishina, with a few even ordering killing him.

He listened to this charged conversation (a skill where we humans utterly lack today) & said the famous words:
" No man shall seek my protection in vain. No matter who, how undeserving, how wicked..

.. including Ravana, if they come in a friendly manner with a submissive spirit, I will not turn him back"

Look at the magnanimity & tremendous self conscience of the supreme individual.. What kind of self power he must have possessed to announce this...

Another example, which the author brings out superbly again, when he was locked in a battle with Ravana, there is an instance when Ravana's chariot is destroyed & his bow broken.

Rama drew himself to his dignity and said : "O Ravana !! you are at a disadvantage..

I have seen you at your best.. you have nobly and accounted for many a warrior on my side, yet you stand on the ground..

Go home.. Get some rest.. Come tomorrow with renewed energy, a new chariot & a new bow.. You shall then see how much can I give you in a battle"

Clearly, a man would have pressed home the advantage and be done with the objective when there is a tactical point.. Yet, our hero Sri Rama chooses this event to display his ideal to the world by being gracious and considerate of his enemy..

Such self-confidence is exemplary

The last incident for today's thread..

After Ravana's death, struggling with emotions & sentiments, Vibhishina says, "Ravana has done lot of adharmic activities.. I don't think I will perform his final rites... It may not be right for me to do so.."

His words were met with approval with others who were recommending throwing his body into the sea..

At this critical juncture, a moment of great sensitivity, Sri Rama choses yet again to raise above the ideal.. so what does he do now...

Sri Rama says, "No Vibhishina, you are wrong.. Ravana was a great warrior, a great king, great man and died a great death. Perform the rituals as per the shastra and honor your brother.. you will attain merit"

Such magnanimity.. such respect even for his enemies..

These are small instances where we observe Sri Rama raising himself above the ideal.. Being the "Maryada Purushottama" .. The best of the best men..

However, he did think and react just like everyone of us.. There are instances where he oscillates from moments of...

extreme pleasure to pain to despondency to despair... In subsequent threads, we will check few instances where his emotions changes just like us.. mere mortals..

PC: Google for all pics..

🙏 śrī rāmacandra padārpaṇamastu 🙏


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#Ramayana #LecturesOnTheRamayana

Today, I will share a very touching, quite surprising unconventional thought process from Ramayana.

When Lakshmana erected the hut in Panchavati, Rama said something which is quite strange & unexpected. Thread on this incident below:


We all know about Lakshmana's unflinching devotion and respect for Rama. We will visit this theme quite often in this series.

In the context where Lakshmana has just built the hut, Rama gave a glowing tribute as below

Section: Aranyaa Kanda, Sarga 15


Verse 27

सुसंहृष्टः परिष्वज्य बाहुभ्यां लक्ष्मणं तदा।
अतिस्निग्धं च गाढं च वचनं चेदमब्रवीत्।।

Deeply pleased with Lakshmana, he hugged him tightly and said those loving words :


Verse 28

प्रीतोऽस्मि ते महत्कर्म त्वया कृतमिदं प्रभो।
प्रदेयो यन्निमित्तं ते परिष्वङ्गो मया कृतः।।

O my master, you have done a great task for which I have given you what I could give at the moment a hug.


Verse 29

भावज्ञेन कृतज्ञेन धर्मज्ञेन च लक्ष्मण।
त्वया पुत्रेण धर्मात्मा न संवृत्तः पिता मम।।

O Lakshmana with a son like you who can understand others' feelings, who has a sense of gratitude and a sense of duty my father is not dead yet.

#BookExcerpts #Venkateshwara #Balaji

I will write a 3 part thread series with some interesting points from this book.

Part-1 : History of Tirumala & Venkateshwara Swamy
Part-2: Rituals & Prasada Procedure
Part-3: Historical records

Part-1 thread below


Venkatachala Hill

Maha Vishnu wished for the mountain Krida / Krida Parvatham / Kridhachalam from Vaikunta to be brought to the earth for his avataram.

This was brought to earth by Garuda and Ananta & placed it on banks of river Swarna Mukhi


This is where current Tirumala temple is located. The fact that this was transported from Vaikunta is apparently a scientifically proven fact.

The scientific dating of the sedimentary rocks have confirmed the date to be around 120 million years ago..


This timeline coincides with Swayambhu Manu manvanthara of the Sweta Varaha Kalpa which is the time when Swamy descended on earth in the form of Venkateshwara Swamy.

From a survey of flora and fauna, they have found rare species of plants & animals like golden gecko..


that are exclusive to this hill range only and not found anywhere else in the world.

Tirumala hills are a range of 7 hills
1. Seshachala
2. Vedachala
3. Garudachala
4. Anjanachala
5. Vrishabhachala
6. Narayanachala
7. Venkatachala --> Where temple is present

#Ramayana #LecturesOnTheRamayana

In the past, we had a glimpse of Lakshmana's devotion towards Sri Rama, his brother and father figure.

However, it is interesting to note his unique relationship with Sita, especially as seen by from her perspective.

Thread below


We all know about the Golden Deer / Maricha incident and the way Sita influences Lakshmana to go in search of his brother.

Personally, I am unable to get 2 strong emotional points in one thread and hence, I will skip this incident for today.


In Sundara Kanda, when Hanuman meets Sita, she says the following

सिंहस्कन्धो महाबाहुर्मनस्वी प्रियदर्शिनः।
पितृवद्वर्तते रामे मातृवन्मां समाचरन्।।

Lakshmana, who has lionshoulders and strong arms, who is handsome, who takes Rama as his father & treats me as his own mother


ह्रियमाणां तदा वीरो न तु मां वेद लक्ष्मणः।
वृद्धोपसेवी लक्ष्मीवान् शक्तो न बहुभाषिता।।

Heroic Lakshmana, did not know while I was borne away. He is prosperous, foremost in serving elders. He is energetic and reserved in his speech like my father-in-law ..


He is a prince dear (to his brother).

These are from Sarga-38, shlokas 60 and 61.

There are 3 distinct points which I want to draw the attention of the reader to.

1. She also compares Lakshmana to Dasaratha much like how Rama did when he constructed the hut in panchavati


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