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A lot of people ask: how do you find companies to invest in? very good question.

How did you find RACL, Pix?

Creating this ad-hoc thread to share my process.

if you like it, please RT to benefit maximum investors. 🙏

Imagine what you want in a company, codify it in the form of filters, create a screen. Example below:

"Market Capitalization > 50

Market Capitalization < 3000

((Average return on capital employed 5Years > 25 AND
Price to Earning < 20) OR
(Average return on capital employed 5Years > 15 AND
Price to Earning < 10))
Sales growth 5Years > 10

Operating cash flow 5years /5 < Operating cash flow 3years /3
Operating cash flow 7years /7 < Operating cash flow 3years /3"

In this screener, i am looking for
smallcaps with a min mcap,
which have a bare minimum average ROCE & valuation accordance to the unit economics
which are also growing topline
and where operating cash flows are also increasing, on an average basis