Took me 5 years to get the best Chartink scanners for Stock Market, but you’ll get it in 5 mminutes here ⏰

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These are going to be very simple yet effective pure price action based scanners, no fancy indicators nothing - hope you liked it.

52 Week High
One of the classic scanners very you will get strong stocks to Bet on.

Hourly Breakout
This scanner will give you short term bet breakouts like hourly or 2Hr breakout
Volume shocker
Volume spurt in a stock with massive X times volumes
Range stocks that are about to burst
Consolidation near 200MA
Range breakouts that can practically give good move and change to bullish stock above 200MA
Hope you like these.

We will do the execution part on our TG -
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- 730 dop can be bought for tgt of 1000.
- Stock has made first HH-HL.
- Breaking previous swing low.
- Ascending traingle pattern on daily.

@caniravkaria bhaiji looks good on charts


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#Journey : 3 Years ago I quit my well-paying job at MNC and jumped into Full-Time Trading. I going to put out everything that may help you to shorten your learning curve.

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I have been called Influencer. I m happy if I have been influencing in the right direction.

I have been called the trainer and am happy with that as well as not many get a chance to teach their experience.

I am putting down all the efforts I have put in these 3 years

1) Money control Article:
How Vishal Mehta undertook a journey from discretionary to system trading for consistent gains

2) F2F :
Directional Option Selling (Which has more than 11 lac View) It's a good webinar who wants to start their systematic trading journey
@elearnmarkets @vivbajaj

3) Fyers 30 Day Winning challenge 6 months in a raw:

This is awarded when you are profitable for straight 6 months consecutively. This will help to understand the thought process.

@fyers1 @tejaskhoday

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19 to 80 is an over 300% difference.


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