For those of us suffering & dying in Texas, the sociopathy of @GOP that leads to an astonishing lack of concern about our lives by evil folk like @GregAbbott_TX @GovernorPerry @TuckerCarlson @DanCrenshawTX et al who blatantly lie about what’s happening...1

...just to score political points - and protect the profits of energy companies - is almost incomprehensible. These are people who would claim Social Security caused 9/11 if it was convenient. What caused this catastrophe is vast vast majority from gas, then coal/nuclear...2
...then wind. The ONLY source of power that is delivering more than expected in budgeting is wind. But that’s not convenient to say for the oil/gas/coal industry, so the @GregAbbott_TX @GovernorPerry @DanCrenshawTX stand atop our dead bodies lying to protect the companies...2
...shockingly, the ONLY people in a position of state/national strength are the executives with the company that manages electricity in the state, @ERCOT_ISO. But they can’t tell the whole truth, because that would entail revealing how much stupidity was done here for profit...3
...of industry by Texas @GOP. If gas/nuke/nuclear/wind had been winterized - as they are everywhere else in the country - this would have largely been prevented. But it would have cost companies money, and that would cut into profits. If the gas lines has been buried deeper...3 was recommended to avoid freezing (plus if they had used the larger diameter pipelines - the freeze of the pipelines which has prevented the flow of gas wouldn’t have happened. But better gas pipelines buried deeper would have cost the gas industry more money, so the...4
...Texas @GOP thought about it and said, “Screw it. Let’s gamble with Texans lives. That’ll mean the gas industry will make more money and give us more contributions, and who cares about people without their own $20,000 generators outside their homes.” The grid itself is a...5
...mish mash, which happens when the planning is about making profits rather than delivering electricity. This was 100% caused by GOP policies - dont winterize, dont protect the gas lines, dont design the grid for delivery instead of profits - every single bit of it. So of...6
....course, sociopaths like @GregAbbott_TX - who last spring fired consultants who provided a plan designed to open Texas safely to avoid COVID deaths, and instead went with his corporate contributors who wanted to throw everything open quickly, killing 10s of 1000s - chose...6
....kill more, lied about why this catastrophe happened. And then this sociopath will get elected again because he hates all the right people, kills all the right people, and the majority of this state -executives who only care about their profits and the hateful people they....7
...who manipulate the hate of the masses so corporate contributors get what they want - will put these lying murderers I office again and again and again. And none of them will hear the world screaming “@GregAbbott_TX is lying to you!” because Fox, just like the propaganda...8
....organs run by Goebbels - tells them relentlessly that everyone else lies and only Fox tells the truth. So, it will keep getting worse, people will keep dying, and @GregAbbott_TX and his GOP buddies will keep rolling in corporate cash, spitting on the bodies of the dead....9 they laugh in delight that it is only the people who don’t matter - those who are not rich, who don’t own their own generators and are not in the preferred areas - who are dying and suffering. Think I’m kidding? When Dallas tried to get the vaccine to the communities....10
...where COVID infections were raging, sociopath @GregAbbott_TX told us that, because those were the poor neighborhood and not his rich white friends who wanted to go shopping, he would withhold vaccines from the entire city unless we directed more of it to wealthy, white...11
...neighborhoods. And so we did, and the deaths of poor and minority communities is growing. But @GregAbbott_TX - who may well be the biggest mass murderer in Texas history, between ignoring safely opening for COVID, diverting vaccines to the rich, lying about why this...11
...disaster is happening, and knowing Fox and other GOPrs will hide what he is doing & has done, to make sure that Texas stays red.

Oh yah, Texas is red all right. From the blood flowing. But if you only count those of us still alive, Texas is blue - because we’re freezing.

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So, as the #MegaMillions jackpot reaches a record $1.6B and #Powerball reaches $620M, here's my advice about how to spend the money in a way that will truly set you, your children and their kids up for life.


Create a private foundation and give it all away. 1/

Let's stipulate first that lottery winners often have a hard time. Being publicly identified makes you a target for "friends" and "family" who want your money, as well as for non-family grifters and con men. 2/

The stress can be damaging, even deadly, and Uncle Sam takes his huge cut. Plus, having a big pool of disposable income can be irresistible to people not accustomed to managing wealth. 3/

Meanwhile, the private foundation is as close as we come to Downton Abbey and the landed aristocracy in this country. It's a largely untaxed pot of money that grows significantly over time, and those who control them tend to entrench their own privileges and those of their kin. 4

Here's how it works for a big lotto winner:

1. Win the prize.
2. Announce that you are donating it to the YOUR NAME HERE Family Foundation.
3. Receive massive plaudits in the press. You will be a folk hero for this decision.
4. Appoint only trusted friends/family to board. 5/

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