On December 25 Mr Pool retweeted August 16 message about the Phoenix and that the worst was still on the horizon to come. 1/*

Maybe now we can assume that November 3 message meant "FUD" nor "FUN". Putting the word in capital letters seems to indicate the aspect the word fud has in our space, FUD. 2/*
Brad started it on December 22 (1/3 posts (Don't say? Sure) = 13 = Plan B). 3/*
And immediately the SEC followed dropping the bomb (1.3 billions (Don't say? Sure) = 13 = Plan B). 4/*
FUD materializes, Bitstamp is one of the first that haltes XRP trading and so on. 5/*
A domino effect takes place and several exchanges do the same. 6/*
Coinbase follows on December 28, announced by Mr Pool on December 23. 7/*
Cryptographer-1 makes his small contribution as always (remember his comments regarding Flare, tools to set the message key and so on. What a Bear Guy man). 8/*
So, bullshit peaking. I don't believe a word of any of this. Very suspicious, this seems a movie. Everyone playing his role. 9/*
Anyway, let's remember a couple of messages apparently related to Covid. Not so many are dying due to Covid, at least right now not to the point where you could say that nobody will come (come?) to the future. Maybe he meant XRP hodlers will sell XRP and leave the community. 10/*
See a representative example, XRP_Stuart, a well know researcher, years researching XRP and posting content about it and suddenly forgets everything he read, thought, saw and sells for a random cryptocurrency. He must have his reason, for sure. 11/*
Who's writing the plot? https://t.co/sIGwkjc0eS 12/*
You can see in the video, them, 33. 13/*
Don't you think Madame X is talking about XRP? 14/*
Let's analyze the video. The monks, rulers, ploters, freemasonry, Knight's Templar, Knights of Malta https://t.co/IPuXpZJYgv 15/*
Her name is Madame X = XRP. The "You" who talks to her is an structural entity = the system = the spirit of the system = the thing that always remains and just changes its exterior form, let's call it the "Spirit". They are separated right now, not connected. 16/*
But the Spirit call, when says her NAME, seems a little prayer, why seems a little prayer? Litlle = 3 letters = litlle name = XRP. 17/*
The union between XRP and the new System, the updated, the activation, the communion will be in the midnight, power = OVERNIGHT. 18/*
But the Phoenix-XRP must die first. 19/*
What will happen? The new system, pipes, will be connected, activated, using XRPL and bringing XRP to the center of the new system as an important element, the QUEEN, the KING. See XRP in the middle of the pipes. 20/*
It seems that XRP or Ripple maybe are not fully aware about what awaits to XRP, the plan maybe it's just fully known for the monks who are building the new system. 21/*
It seems there's nothing out there, but the system as a whole seem to have life and messengers that shape reality according to the Spirit. You seem nothing, but you're the Spirit, Zeitgeist, German term meaning "The spirit of the age". 22/*
The story goes and the Phoenix dies = XRP is dying those days, reset, they are connecting the new system. 23/*
And then the Phoenix is reborn. New aspect, modified, going live in the new system. Unified with the Spirit, they become one, no separation, both are the system itself. 24/*
@Madonna @looP_rM311_7211 @bearableguy123 25/.
That was the main plot, but then the story goes to the present at that time, May 18, 2019, and gives some details. There will be a Storm, a metaphorical one, not literally. 26/*
The Storm is -in grand part- Covid-19, which is part of the plan. 27/*
Not just for Covid-19 itself but for consequences related to the plans, not many will come to the future. Mr Pool might refer to XRP holders week hands, he posted it after March 2020 big dip in cryptomarket. 28/*
Yep, a new actor appears, this is the Q guy (Quavo, probably a reference to Q). He plays Gold role. 29/*
He will work with her. Gold and XRP will work together in the new system. 30/*
Flare smart contracts platform with his token SPARK will have a role in all this. People, which have received it for free, will make profit from SPARK. 31/*
Finally, XRP to the Moon (Sun not to shine, the opposite, Moon). 32/*
Peace in the Middle East. Marvin Gaye reference. 33/*
We are from the future. 34/*
Unknown. 35/*
We are the Illuminati, the freemasonry, our origin goes back to Egypt. 36/*

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XRP's death. Is XRP dying? 1/*

XRP is also known as the Phoenix, see Ripple's office. 2/*

What's the Phoenix? A bird that cyclically regenerates and it's associated with the Sun. A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor (SWIFT). Read the link:
https://t.co/jIxANatetR 3/*.

Lately we're seeing a lot of SURPRISED faces in Mr.Pool drops. See what August 15 decrypted message says about the Phoenix, the storm and SURPRISES: "As the storm comes to a SURPRISING and unexpected halt, and the clouds clear out to your own SURPRISE". 4/*

So, if XRP is the Phoenix maybe it has to die before it reborns. Reset. XRP's death -or a big fall- alone, or death combined with reborn could cause such a surprise described in Mr. Pool drops. 5/*

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Every single public defender. Every single day.

Bail arguments, motions, oral arguments, hearings. Judges don’t know, follow, or care about the law. Prosecutors are willing to take advantage of it. And mandatory minimums, withheld evidence, & pretrial detention coerces people to plead before trial. When theres a jury. A shot.

But defenders still fight. And still win. Most times wins aren’t “Justice.” It’s power of repetition of argument in front of same judges. Introducing those in power to the people they oppress. Not just a RAP sheet or words on a page. Defenders make it harder to be brutal & cruel.

I worked as a public defender at an office as well resourced as any in the country. Social workers, team of investigators, a reentry team, support staff, specialist attorneys in immigration, housing, education, family. Relatively low caseloads (80-100). And yet still injustice.

Most think that balancing the scales of justice means more funding for defenders. Thats part of it. Enough a attorneys to actually be at bail hearings. Wrap around services to be able to help people trapped in the system end up better off in their communities. Lower caseloads.

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