It's infuriating to watch conservatives continue to misrepresent/misunderstand basic scientific findings for the purpose of portraying Trump as a genius. Once again, they're misrepresenting the findings of a study on hydroxychloroquine, putting out disinformation that harms.../1

...those who actually need the drug - people with autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis -by creating a run on the drug with their disinformation. Nothing has *ever* even suggested that hydroxy is a prophylactic that prevents COVID, that it keeps infected.../2
...people who are not hospitalized from getting worse or that any possible benefits outweigh the risks except for very severe situations where doctors do not need an uneducated reality TV star to tell them how to treat. The first, since retracted, study showed that with.../3
...people who were severely ill & hospitalized from COVID, with hydro and an antibiotic used in tandem, saw a decrease in the viral load. That was it. The meaning was next to nothing. It was based on a handful of people, observational. Trump took that, based on an tweet he.../4
...saw, and declared hydro to be a miracle cure, causing a mass rush from people who wanted to use it to prevent infection. Trump did not understand the difference between preventative (like a vaccine), treatment for bad cases (steroids, blood thinners) and remdesivir.../5
...a broad antiviral that has wider cohort that can benefit with lower risk than hydro. NO ONE ever said hydroxychloroquine has zero benefit. It has benefits that outweigh risks only in severe cases - people intubated having the kitchen sink thrown at them to increase their.../6
...chance of survival. A very very common outcome of COVID is myocarditis; hydro has an incidence of disruption of cardiac rhythm. You dont combine a disease that damages the heart with a drug that impedes the heart's functioning unless you absolutely have to. What the most.../7
...recent study - which was purely observational, thus of extremely limited value - found was that hydro decreased the chance of death for people who are already intubated. In other words - very little different than what we already knew. Real physicians didn't need..../8 hear from Dr. Trump - who doesn't know the difference between prophylactic, treatment and rescue drugs - to tell them how to use drugs. The problem was, is, & always will be when people who know nothing about medicine, who don't read the damn studies & don't understand.../9
...the studies when they read them, and are more concerned with proving their ignorance correct than in actually helping people, dance around proclaiming they are experts. Here is all I know: How to read a medical study, because I was taught how to. Trump sees a tweet, and.../10
...screams "miracle drug!" and Fox News and the rest of the hallelujah chorus start repeating it ad nauseum.

Hydroxychloroquine does NOT prevent COVID. There is nothing, other than Trump and Fox, suggesting it does. There is NOTHING suggesting it does anything for cases..../11
...that don't require hospitalization. Because of its risk, it is not used as a 1st, 2nd or even 3d line drug for people who are hospitalized with COVID. It *might* have some benefit for people who have been put on a respirator, but the evidence is far weaker than for other.../12
...drugs, and the anecdotal evidence we have from limited groups shows solely that there might be a lower death rate from the cohort of people on deaths door. And again, the time to decide when this is something that might be worthwhile is up to doctors, not Trump and Fox.../13
..we continue to deal with the consequences of having a malignant narcissist as president who thought his job was to announce miracle cures rather than support scientists who could save us. Yet he & the hallelujah chorus keep attacking experts while advancing their snake oil../15
...treatments based on research they dont understand, dont read and dont care to understand.

People with lupus and arthritis are suffering. All because Cheeto Mussolini wants to pretend he is anything other than an uneducated fool.


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