These 10 threads will teach you more than reading 100 books

Five billionaires share their top lessons on startups, life and entrepreneurship (1/10)
10 competitive advantages that will trump talent (2/10)
Some harsh truths you probably don’t want to hear (3/10)
10 significant lies you’re told about the world (4/10)
Here’s how James Clear runs his business (5/10)
5 big reasons we fail to make effective decisions (6/10)
15 useful razors to simplify decisions (7/10)
How to be successful at your career (8/10)
If you haven’t read this, you haven’t read anything (9/10)
50 ideas that might shape your worldview (10/10)
Finally, I’ve been fascinated with these threads so much that I’ve started to build my own notes in public.

So even if you won’t pick up a book, I’m here to make sure that you still end up reading enough of them.

On that note, here’s a 5-min MBA from Jeff Bezos (11/10)
By the way, this last bit my me is absolutely 💯% free.

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