These 10 threads will teach you more than reading 100 books

Five billionaires share their top lessons on startups, life and entrepreneurship (1/10)
10 competitive advantages that will trump talent (2/10)
Some harsh truths you probably don’t want to hear (3/10)
10 significant lies you’re told about the world (4/10)
Here’s how James Clear runs his business (5/10)
5 big reasons we fail to make effective decisions (6/10)
15 useful razors to simplify decisions (7/10)
How to be successful at your career (8/10)
If you haven’t read this, you haven’t read anything (9/10)
50 ideas that might shape your worldview (10/10)
Finally, I’ve been fascinated with these threads so much that I’ve started to build my own notes in public.

So even if you won’t pick up a book, I’m here to make sure that you still end up reading enough of them.

On that note, here’s a 5-min MBA from Jeff Bezos (11/10)
By the way, this last bit my me is absolutely 💯% free.

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This is NONSENSE. The people who take photos with their books on instagram are known to be voracious readers who graciously take time to review books and recommend them to their followers. Part of their medium is to take elaborate, beautiful photos of books. Die mad, Guardian.


If you come for Bookstagram, i will fight you.

In appreciation, here are some of my favourite bookstagrams of my books: (photos by lit_nerd37, mybookacademy, bookswrotemystory, and scorpio_books)