Why I was constantly urging caution about being too confident:
* People underestimate how much Fox-induced hate of democrats drives decisions now. (Look at @RichLowry who argued - even with NATO near collapse and Covid exploding - to vote Trump to give dems "the finger")...

...literally, to so much of this country, including people who are supposed to be smarter than this like @RichLowry, politics is a game of self-affirmation, having to do with imprinting fantasies of democrats without a care about the real world. This "team" mentality is what...
...is destroying us. It is why, no matter how terrible everything Trump did was, his numbers never budged. The more upset those who opposed Trump became because of his abject incompetence and stupidity, some on the right saw the dem upset at objective reality of chaos as an...
...affirmation that Trump is "great." If you put a chimp into the White House, running under R, and he started wrecking the place, if dems got upset, too many republicans would support it. They hate half the country.

*The multi-billion dollar effort by wealthy conservatives...
...to create a media bubble of an alternative reality to deceive viewers that tax increases for the rich are tax increases for everyone, and that the money raised would go to "undeserving" poor people. Then they harp on all the other lies, solely to secure tax cuts and judges...
...and while these "judges" are nominally about overturning Roe, the main reason they are there is to throw out corporate regulations. This is about rewarding corporate contributors, and nothing else.
*Within that, and infusing a huge section of the support of Trump, is racism...
...so, when you combine "team", lies by conservative media, and racism, you end up here.

The reason dems are so surprised is because we're examining objective reality. And one of those realities is half of our population is bombarded with propoganda that creates an alternate...
...reality, where Q is real, where dems are all socialists, where the Russian attack on democracy is a myth, where the CIA, FBI, etc are plotting to overthrow Trump, where all elections infused with fraud. Reaching people outside of objective reality, who in turn are trained...
...to hate anyone who might present them with evidence, is an impossible position. And before you blame those who live in those alternate realities: No one makes that choice. If you get all your information from the same handful of sources, YOU might be divorced from reality...
...the only way you can be sure is by consuming lots of information from all over the spectrum, including that bubble of deception. People dont know its a lie because they are told endlessly it is the only truth.

But be calm. This outcome was always the most likely.
OH! How could I have left this out.

Voter suppression. Has a huge impact.

More from Kurt "Mask Up, Vote Early" Eichenwald

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I think a plausible explanation is that whatever Corbyn says or does, his critics will denounce - no matter how much hypocrisy it necessitates.

Corbyn opposes the exploitation of foreign sweatshop-workers - Labour MPs complain he's like Nigel

He speaks up in defence of migrants - Labour MPs whinge that he's not listening to the public's very real concerns about immigration:

He's wrong to prioritise Labour Party members over the public:

He's wrong to prioritise the public over Labour Party
I told you they’d bring this up

I was wondering why that tweet had so many stupid replies. And now I see

Seriously, this was “the night before.” If you’re at the march where they’re changing “Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and soil,” you’re not a “very fine person.” Full stop.

There are 3 important moments in that transcript.

1.) When someone asked Trump about a statement *he had already made* about there being blame on “both sides,” he said the “fine people” line.

2. Trump does clarify! “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally “


Then adds that there were “many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.”

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TradingView isn't just charts

It's much more powerful than you think

9 things TradingView can do, you'll wish you knew yesterday: 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

1/ Free Multi Timeframe Analysis

Step 1. Download Vivaldi Browser

Step 2. Login to trading view

Step 3. Open bank nifty chart in 4 separate windows

Step 4. Click on the first tab and shift + click by mouse on the last tab.

Step 5. Select "Tile all 4 tabs"

What happens is you get 4 charts joint on one screen.

Refer to the attached picture.

The best part about this is this is absolutely free to do.

Also, do note:

I do not have the paid version of trading view.

2/ Free Multiple Watchlists

Go through this informative thread where @sarosijghosh teaches you how to create multiple free watchlists in the free

3/ Free Segregation into different headers/sectors

You can create multiple sections sector-wise for free.

1. Long tap on any index/stock and click on "Add section above."
2. Secgregate the stocks/indices based on where they belong.

Kinda like how I did in the picture below.