I have earlier shared some setups/strategies for Intraday. One of them was ORB (opening range breakout) setup.. but I still get DM about this. So here's a thread about how to find ORB stocks: (1/12)

Stocks that are in consolidation or on the verge of a breakout and has already given a breakout from consolidation - both category stocks should be in your watchlist.

Now the question is.. with so many stocks around, how one must filter and check? (2/12)
I mostly trade in F&O stocks in Intraday - it has 188 stocks after new addition and can be filtered as per sector rotation.
Find the sector or theme with good recent performance and keep its stocks in watchlist. I keep an alert for breakout price when I see a good chart. (3/12)
Another way to filter stocks is to keep an eye on the new additions in the F&O and the stocks that are in news.

Not every stock gives a move of 7-8%. Look for stock that move 7-8% in one go when they give a breakout (Stocks unlike ITC that moves once in a year). (4/12)
There are a few stocks that are tailor made for ORB. And those stocks should be in your watchlist.
IRCTC, Mindtree, Bajaj Twins, IEX, TataElxsi, Naukri, Coforge are some great examples. Rest you can observe and add.
Recent examples 👇(5/12)
Twitter is another great way to discover stocks. So many people share information about breakout stocks - add them to your watchlist. Don't develop dependency on twitter because not everyone will suggest the right stocks. Discover the stocks here, but do your own analysis. (6/12)
Lastly, can find through the top gainers/losers in pre-market and during live market too.

Observation is the key in trading. I don't use any screener but I don't research for hours either. I observe and keep my mind open. (7/12)
Eventually, you gain enough experience to look at the chart once and remember stock's breakout price. Later, when you see that stock in top gainers/losers, you can easily trade in it.

I developed these strategies based on my experiences. You can develop your own too. (8/12)
How to trade in ORB stocks- I've earlier shared this, those who didn't read my last thread for them 👇

I observe the stock between 9:15 to 9:25 to check if it's giving any bullish candles. If I see the first 2 good bullish candles with volumes. (9/12)
I take an entry with 5 min/3 min timeframe with first candle low SL. If the first candle itself is too big then I keep SL at half of the candle or take small quantity( as per my risk management). (10/12)
Once the stock moves in my favour, I start trailing my SL to last candle's low. (I shift my trailing SL, only when the next candle is a proper bullish one).

Recent example of Aarti industry for more understanding. 👇(11/12)
With @ITRADE191 sir's permission, I am sharing his screeners of breakouts that might help you: (12/12)


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The full story of || Dhruv ||

We’ll see How Dhruv occupied a fixed position in the northern sky?

I repeat “Untold Unsung now Unearthed”

Go through entire thread carefully.


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.... continuing from previous thread/story

O prince! Thus concentrate on that omnipotent eternal Lord with the mantra - ‘OM NAMO BHAGWATE VAASUDEVAAY’ .


The prince Dhruv greeted the sages and continued on his journey. At last, he reached a beautiful forest Madhuvan on the bank of the river Yamuna. It was the same forest, which was later occupied by a demon Madhu.

Shatrughana, the youngest brother of Sri Rama had killed demon Lavan, son of Madhu in the same forest & founded the township of Mathura. In the same forest, prince Dhruv decided to carry out his penance. As per the dictate of the sages, he began to recite the mantra continuously

Very soon, the earth began to move because of Dhruv’s severe penance. Even the seat of Indra could not remain stable. A stampede resulted among the gods. The gods then hatched a conspiracy to disturb the penance.
हिमालय पर्वत की एक बड़ी पवित्र गुफा थी।उस गुफा के निकट ही गंगा जी बहती थी।एक बार देवर्षि नारद विचरण करते हुए वहां आ पहुंचे।वह परम पवित्र गुफा नारद जी को अत्यंत सुहावनी लगी।वहां का मनोरम प्राकृतिक दृश्य,पर्वत,नदी और वन देख उनके हृदय में श्रीहरि विष्णु की भक्ति अत्यंत बलवती हो उठी।

और देवर्षि नारद वहीं बैठकर तपस्या में लीन हो गए।इन्द्र नारद की तपस्या से घबरा गए।उन्हें हमेशा की तरह अपना सिंहासन व स्वर्ग खोने का डर सताने लगा।इसलिए इन्द्र ने नारद की तपस्या भंग करने के लिए कामदेव को उनके पास भेज दिया।वहां पहुंच कामदेव ने अपनी माया से वसंतऋतु को उत्पन्न कर दिया।

पेड़ और पौधों पर रंग बिरंगे फूल खिल गए और कोयलें कूकने लगी,पक्षी चहकने लगे।शीतल,मंद,सुगंधित और सुहावनी हवा चलने लगी।रंभा आदि अप्सराएं नाचने लगीं ।किन्तु कामदेव की किसी भी माया का नारद पे कोई प्रभाव नहीं पड़ा।तब कामदेव को डर सताने लगा कि कहीं नारद क्रोध में आकर मुझे श्राप न देदें।

जैसे ही नारद ने अपनी आंखें खोली, उसी क्षण कामदेव ने उनसे क्षमा मांगी।नारद मुनि को तनिक भी क्रोध नहीं आया और उन्होने शीघ्र ही कामदेव को क्षमा कर दिया।कामदेव प्रसन्न होकर वहां से चले गए।कामदेव के चले जाने पर देवर्षि के मन में अहंकार आ गया कि मैने कामदेव को हरा दिया।

नारद फिर कैलाश जा पहुंचे और शिवजी को अपनी विजयगाथा सुनाई।शिव समझ गए कि नारद अहंकारी हो गए हैं और अगर ये बात विष्णु जी जान गए तो नारद के लिए अच्छा नहीं होगा।ये सोचकर शिवजी ने नारद को भगवन विष्णु को ये बात बताने के लीए मना किया। परंतु नारद जी को ये बात उचित नहीं लगी।