🚢 Atomic Essays Republishing Framework 🚢

1. Write Atomic Essay
2. Post image on Twitter
3. (Bonus) Copy/paste text as thread
4. Find relevant Question on Quora. Copy/paste Atomic Essay + image.
5. Copy/paste again on Medium.
6. Again on LinkedIn
7. Win

Guide below ✍️🚢👇

Step 1: Write Atomic Essay

I really enjoy writing right inside the Figma template. It helps give me a good sense of exactly how much "real estate" I have/have left before my time us up and I'm out of space.

Once finished, I export the image and send to my phone on Slack.
Step 2: Post image on Twitter

Before I publish my Atomic Essay on Twitter, I use the Edit/Photo Markup function on the iPhone to highlight standout sentences.

These are usually power-phrases: things the reader skims and thinks, "That's interesting," prompting them to read more.
Step 3: For the Ship 30 for 30 challenge, I only turn Atomic Essays into threads if...

1. The piece is SUPER actionable and lends itself well to the thread format (lots of bullets, quick points, lists, etc.)


2. I'm referencing research and want to link to the pieces.
Step 4: Find relevant Question on Quora. Copy/paste Atomic Essay + image.

Search on Quora around the topic you wrote about. Find a related Question. Copy/paste the whole Atomic Essay as your "answer" (& fix formatting). Then include image so it appears in the thumbnail.
Step 5: Copy/paste again on Medium.

Do the same thing on Medium. Use your same original Atomic Essay title and publish on Medium.

*Bonus points: put behind the paywall & submit to a Medium pub. (Now you're earning $ for republishing)

Step 6: Copy/paste again on LinkedIn

I like using the first few lines/paragraphs as my lead-in text when I publish the article and LinkedIn prompts me to add text for a status update.

Step 7: Copy/paste again anywhere else you'd like.

- Personal website/blog
- NewsBreak
- Another publication that wants to curate your content

You can also turn your Atomic Essays into:

- TikToks
- Instagram Reels
- Tweet 1 sentence. Send to IG as an image.
- Etc.
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I started writing threads on Twitter in 2019.

Since then, I've written more than 200 threads and accumulated over 50,000,000 views on Twitter alone.

Want to know a secret?

I (pretty much) use the same 7 thread templates every time.


Template #1: The Framework Thread

The best frameworks all follow this same recipe:

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• I do Y [unconventional] thing
• To achieve Z [highly desirable]

Template #2: The Curation Thread

Recipe: "I did all this work—so you don't have to."

But the secret w/ curation threads is to niche down HARD.

"Biz books to read on investing" > "Best biz books" > "Best

Template #3: The "This Just Happened" Thread

Breaking News always has a 24-48 hour hype cycle.

The recipe here is:

• Write about a trending topic
• Provide your own unique take
• Unique take must be relevant to your

Template #4: The "If I Had To Do It Over Again" Thread

Recipe =

• I achieved X
• And made a lot of mistakes along the way
• If I were you, and had to do it all over again, here's what I would do

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