Great thread full of potential ideas! 💡

📸 Social disposable camera app

Create a digital "roll" with friends. Take pictures from the roll. You can't see them until: the roll is used up, a time limit expires, or you get to a specific location.
🎙 Asynch interview platform

Send a guest a video or audio clip asking a question. Guest replies when able with same medium. Repeat. When done, share produced video/podcast.
✅ 24 Hour Startup Checklist/Overlay

A web app to track the progress of your project: ideation, naming, shipping code, launching.

Page can also be a dynamic browser overlay for live streaming.

Have tools for polls, surveys, sharing, launching to various outlets, etc.
👩‍⚖️ Healthcare "Lawyers"

If health insurance screws you over, no one has your back but you. Instead, can pay a small monthly fee to a service to take care of BS like this for you should issues arise.
🚐 Discounts for digital nomads/van people

Find local/regional businesses, gyms, co-working, cafés, etc. that offer discounts for digital nomads or van lifers. Akin to Epic Pass.
👨‍🍳 Recipe collection/printing-as-a-service

Send URLs and/or pictures of recipes to service and receive a simple, well formatted/standard book, catalog or cue cards in box of those recipes.
💵 Our First Sale

Simple site for displaying a company's first sale (like framed dollar bills in small businesses).
📱 Screenshot to to-do list/pinterest-like board

On addition of screenshot to photo album, identify what it is of and perform appropriate action (e.g. if clothing from website, add to list of clothing with URL to item, if recipe, put in recipe list, etc.) Create to do lists, etc

More from Tech

Thought I'd put a thread together of some resources & people I consider really valuable & insightful for anyone considering or just starting out on their @SorareHQ journey. It's by no means comprehensive, this community is super helpful so no offence to anyone I've missed off...

1) Get yourself on the official Sorare Discord group, the forum is always full of interesting debate. Got a question? Put it on the relevant thread & it's usually answered in minutes. This is also a great place to engage directly with the @SorareHQ team.

2) Bury your head in @HGLeitch's @SorareData & get to grips with all the collated information you have to hand FOR FREE! IMO it's vital for price-checking, scouting & S05 team building plus they are hosts to the forward thinking SO11 and SorareData Cups 🏆

3) Get on YouTube 📺, subscribe to @Qu_Tang_Clan's channel & engross yourself in hours of Sorare tutorials & videos. There's a good crowd that log in to the live Gameweek shows where you get to see Quinny scratching his head/ beard over team selection.

4) Make sure to follow & give a listen to the @Sorare_Podcast on the streaming service of your choice 🔊, weekly shows are always insightful with great guests. Worth listening to the old episodes too as there's loads of information you'll take from them.

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The YouTube algorithm that I helped build in 2011 still recommends the flat earth theory by the *hundreds of millions*. This investigation by @RawStory shows some of the real-life consequences of this badly designed AI.

This spring at SxSW, @SusanWojcicki promised "Wikipedia snippets" on debated videos. But they didn't put them on flat earth videos, and instead @YouTube is promoting merchandising such as "NASA lies - Never Trust a Snake". 2/

A few example of flat earth videos that were promoted by YouTube #today: 3/ 4/ 5/