Ok, here is a thread for you.
What happens when you have:
WarnerMedia +
SonyCrackle (Reboot)
Verizon All Access (after they buy CBS/Viacom)
By 2021
Answer? Internet Slows To A Craw and Dies.

Netflix's gets 35% of all internet traffic.
Now we all know Apple Coming to Netflix Corner.
We know that WarnerMedia Planning One
We Know about Disney+
Now how will the net handle 8 Streaming Platforms all at once?
Answer - IT CANT.
But Novid, the speed, the 4K the all everything?
Even if you could do it and even if AWS ran six million clouds, The Net Will still slow to a crawl. 35%, goes to nearly 90% if any of the 8 or all of the 8 eat at netflix's numbers.
Oh, they wouldn't be running at once.
FOOL. You forget how bad things were when game of thrones season premieres came around. HBO SERVERS FALL DOWN GO BOOM!
Now see if a season like 2021 come around and they air shows on a same day. It gets crazy. AT&T and others gonna realize they cant build out forever. Something will give and it might be your entertainment consumption big time.
You still need networks folks. You have a promotion problem as I stated before and you can only sell enough trinkets to women as is. Men got to have something to look at too and if you deny it and the rest of the silicon valley starts censoring others...
Well, yall gonna see that entertainment crash and It will not be pretty. Thats why if yall not careful fortnite will take over prime time and late night tv too...

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