The thread explains my momentum scanner and how to build it in #TradePoint software.
Conditions :
1)EMA 8 above EMA 34 and rising
2)Candle close above previous 5 candle high
3) RSI above 60
4) Volume above previous 5 candles
5) ADX above 30

Select Double Moving Average 8 and 34
Under Patterns select Close Above Prev Bars
Qualify the candle close
RSI above 60
Volume above prev n candles
Select Single Moving Average and select average rising for 8ema
ADX above 30
All conditions must be true. Save the scanner.
If we run it on F&O stocks (under EOD scanner) these are the shortlisted rock today
Let us look at SRF chart
Let us run it on real-time scanner on 15 min time frame (since market is closed now it will show with reference to the last candle in 15min) we get the following stocks
Let us look at Hindalco chart
This scanner will indicate momentum stocks and for entry exit etc I use P&F charts and trade intra day. While running the scanner we can specify the TF (like daily/weekly etc) in EOD scanner. Useful to run it on weekly or monthly for investment purposes.

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