Ever notice how the top niches are centered around health, wealth, and relationships?

There's a deep-rooted psychological (and biological) reason why.

And today, I'm gonna to explain all of it so you can start profiting off of this knowledge 💰💰

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So. Down to the very core of every living being (humans, dolphins, bacteria, aliens), there are only two drivers:
1. To survive
2. To reproduce
Right off the bat, we know that sex is a primary driver to human behavior.

This would also mean that each gender has its own insecurities regarding sex.

Men have a subconscious fear that their woman will leave them for someone more successful
Women have a fear that their man will leave them for someone younger & better-looking

We can conclude that men are attracted to looks, and women are attracted to status.

This is human nature down to its very core.
Crazy, blue-haired feminists will try to argue and say otherwise.

But, 50 years of feminism DOES NOT OVERRIDE millions of years of evolutionary biology.

Here's a quick visualization exercise so you can see how true all this is...
Guys, remember the last time you brought a chick home. The next morning when you were telling all your boys, what was the first thing they said to you?

"Show me a pic of her"

However, all of her friends asked her a different question. "What does he do?"
Again, the guys only cared about her looks. And the girls only cared about his status.

To profit off of this, you need to sell better looks to women (lots of options here) or sell status (the appearance of it) to men.

It's really that simple
When selling to guys, you want to sell products that are going to make him stand out from everyone else (and boost his perceived status in the process).

Here's a list of products that do that (all of these are on AliExpress)...
For men, you are going to sell:
-Watches/watch straps
-Well-fitted clothes
-Dress shoes, Chelsea boots, etc
-Leather briefcases/wallets
-New electronic gadget (Bluetooth speakers, etc)
-LED lights for his truck/car
-Muscle building supplements
-Height-boosting insoles
For women, you want to sell:
-Anti-acne products (masks, face wash, exfoliators)
-Anti-aging ($300b industry. YUGEEE market)
-Weight loss pills (garcinia cambogia, green tea, etc)
-Anti-cellulite creams (easier than the gym)
-Shapewear (pushup bras, waist clinchers)
-Hair removal
To sell to women, the products need to either make her literally look better or make her "feel" more beautiful

A great brand to check out for shapewear is "The Perfect Sculpt." They were a huge dropshipping brand in 2017 (a lot of their products still use Aliexpress logos)
Your selling needs to be based on human behavior. When you do this, you're no longer selling cheap, Chinese goods over the internet.

Instead, you're selling the solution to a real-life problem based on psychology and biology.
I sell 1 of the many products listed above. And using this knowledge is how I've done over 20k on my store this month.

The truth is, every niche is saturated these days. But, when you understand what makes people tick, it doesn't matter.

They realize they NEED your product
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[email protected] built a $140M ARR business on $1.4M in VC that has become the logic layer of the no-code industry.

But it has the potential to be something even bigger: the Netflix of productivity.

Our report and a thread 👉

We believe @seqouia and @steadfast got a good deal buying into Zapier at $5B.

We value Zapier at $7B based on:

- 30-50% YoY growth over the next five years
- Zapier’s monopoly status in the solopreneur/SMB market
- 30-40% YoY growth of no-code TAM

No-code is huge and growing, but as @edavidpeterson has written, no-code is about more than tools: it’s about a philosophy that emphasizes interoperability and customizing your software to your needs.


[email protected] enabled interoperability by building a solution to one of the intractable problems in SaaS: APIs that don’t talk to each other.

The product took off and hit $100M ARR in just 9 years, comparable to companies that have raised 100x as much money.


Zapier was riding an explosion in APIs that started the same year they were founded—2011.

Suddenly, every SaaS business wanted to offer its users extensibility, but not spend time figuring out what integrations to build or building them.

That’s where Zapier came in handy.

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“We don’t negotiate salaries” is a negotiation tactic.

Always. No, your company is not an exception.

A tactic I don’t appreciate at all because of how unfairly it penalizes low-leverage, junior employees, and those loyal enough not to question it, but that’s negotiation for you after all. Weaponized information asymmetry.

Listen to Aditya

And by the way, you should never be worried that an offer would be withdrawn if you politely negotiate.

I have seen this happen *extremely* rarely, mostly to women, and anyway is a giant red flag. It suggests you probably didn’t want to work there.

You wish there was no negotiating so it would all be more fair? I feel you, but it’s not happening.

Instead, negotiate hard, use your privilege, and then go and share numbers with your underrepresented and underpaid colleagues. […]