👨‍💻 Last resume I sent to a startup one year ago, sharing with you to get ideas:

- Forget what you don't have, make your strength bold
- Pick one work experience and explain what you did in detail w/ bullet points
- Write it towards the role you apply
- Give social proof


"But I got no work experience..."

Make a open source lib, make a small side project for yourself, do freelance work, ask friends to work with them, no friends? Find friends on Github, and Twitter.
Bonus points:

- Show you care about the company: I used the company's brand font and gradient for in the resume for my name and "Thank You" note.
- Don't list 15 things and libraries you worked with, pick the most related ones to the role you're applying.
-🙅‍♂️"copy cover letter"
"I got no firends, no work"

One practical way is to reach out to conferences and offer to make their website for free. But make sure to do it good. You'll get:

- a project for portfolio
- new friends
- work experience
- learnt new stuff
- new thing for Twitter bio
If you don't even have the skills yet, why not try your chance for @LambdaSchool? No? @freeCodeCamp. Still not? Pick something from here and learn https://t.co/7NPS1zbLTi
You'll feel very overwhelmed, no escape, just acknowledge it and keep pushing.
@LambdaSchool @freeCodeCamp While you're applying through job lists, make sure to look for startups which you're excited about, and try to be friends with founders, or developers there.
How to get attention of a startup and get a job? 🤔
1. Follow them on Twitter, learn about them, be excited
2. Engage in their community of products, read about them
3. Contribute to their open source projects
4. Slowly start being friends there if you can

It's a bet
"Startups don't trust me because I have no work experience..."

— Build stuff, so you can show your work, you can even say it was for X and X is your own company.
— Learn more about the community (rec: @ThePracticalDev )
— Get your first gig in whatever way you can, for whoever
@ThePracticalDev "I feel overwhelmed with all these to learn"

— See a curriculum of @LambdaSchool and learn them one by one or better yet apply there.
— Go through source codes on Github, just seeing them helps
— Watch any tutorial and try to do them )e.g. @freeCodeCamp)
— Know it'll be hard
@ThePracticalDev @LambdaSchool @freeCodeCamp It took me years to learn many stuff which seem like everybody learnt and mastered in days or weeks. Hell no.

Please calm down, it takes time, sweat and struggle to learn. If anybody says "it's easy to do React" is wrong, ignore them. But you "can" learn it, anybody can.
@ThePracticalDev @LambdaSchool @freeCodeCamp "I don't know how to get a job"

I suggest to read and watch everything (a lot) you can find on those topics, read. I've been there, it feels you'll never be able to get one.

Keep reading about interviews
Read about hiring, some startups share
Do mock interview
Do Codefights
@ThePracticalDev @LambdaSchool @freeCodeCamp I'll add more later. Reply if you have a question.

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