Neo-nazi group #PatriotFront held a photo op in #Chicago last weekend & is currently marching around #DC so it's as good time as any to compile a list of their identified members for folks to watch for

Who are these chuds?

Patriot Front broke away from white nationalist org Vanguard America following #unitetheright in #charlottesville after James Alex Fields was seen with a VA shield before driving his car into a crowd, murdering Heather Heyer & injuring dozens of others
Syed Robbie Javid a.k.a. Sayed Robbie Javid or Robbie Javid of Alexandria, VA
Antoine Bernard Renard (a.k.a. “Charlemagne MD” on Discord) from Rockville, MD.
Brandon Troy Higgs, 25, from Reisterstown, MD.
Victor Lee Staab, of Forest Hills, MD
Jason Philbin from Berkeley County, WV:
Jason Philbin's 30-year-old girlfriend Candace M. Cain, lurlina on Discord:

yep, her name is Candy Cain
Bryan Betancur, of Owings Mills, MD
Kieran Patrick Morris from Poughkeepsie, NY
Phillip Wayne Lovett, 40, of Dickinson, TX is the Texas State Directing Officer of the hate group
Alexander Wheeler, from Dallas, TX, who was Patriot Front Network Directing Officer for the Dallas-Fort Worth area network of Patriot Front.

Screen name “Sonder Schutz”

Erik Mitchell Sailors, from San Marcos, TX. H
Joseph Nicolas Brown, of Spring, TX.
Dustin Ray Hamby, from North Austin, TX,
James Anthony Proebski, Florida
Colin Brett Rikard, Florida
Nick John Stiso, last known in Westchester, IL
Ken Gary Zrallack (a.k.a. Kevin Harris), currently sharing a residence in Chrisman Illinois with White Lives Matter founder Travis Golie
Chris Johnson, Ft. Worth suburbs, Texas
Joffre James Cross III, last known in Houston, Texas

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