12 Azhwars (Alwars)

The 12 Azhwars, (the Main composers of Naalayira Divya Prabandam - 4000 poetic Rhymes) are known as Nityasuris or Divyasuris; those who reside permanently with the Lord in His Heavenly abode.

They have incarnated as Azhwars -Vasihnavite Saints - to propagate Bhakthi Marga, devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Alwars have dedicated their lives towards Lord Sriman Narayana and they led their life by praising Him.
These Alwars were born in various parts of our country but they were all united in a common subject, ie dedicating their lives and praising the Lord.
Poigai Alwar, Bhoodath Alwar and Pei Alwar are collectively called as "Mudhal Alwars" were found in the same period of time.

Thirumazhisai Alwar, who thought the Perumal as his friend and has sung Mangalasasanam on Perumal.
Thirumangai Alwar was a great king and later, changed his life to work for the Perumal and for his bhaktaas.

Thondaradippodi Alwar, who is also named as "Vipra Narayanar" led his life as the servant to the God and did service to Him by offering beautiful Garlands.
Thiruppaan Alwar, who belonged to the Paanar family, praised the Perumal through his beautiful songs and Paasurams.

Periyalwar, is considered as the Mother, Father for Sri Andal and Father-in-Law to Perumal, has composed a lot of Pasurams (songs) on God.
Sri Andal, who is also called as "Soodikkodutha Sudar Kodi" is said to be the daughter (brought up) of Periyalwar, has composed Nachiyar Thirumozhi (which includes the famous pasurams of "Thiruppavai") in which she considers Sriman Naryanan as her husband.
Nammalwar, who sat below a Tamarind tree without having any food and sleep got enlightenment and has composed pasurams on Perumal.

Madhurakavi Alwar, who is said to be the Sishyan (disciple) of Nammalwar is also one among 12 Alwars.
Kulasekara Alwar, was a great devotee of Lord Sri Ram. He composed a lot of Pasurams on God particularly of Malayala Naatu thriuppathigal. (Vishnu Temples of Kerala)

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