The RV and the Redemption Funds.

ALL Exchanged Currencies as well as all Zim Redemption funds will be placed in the accounts they set up in the Quantum Financial System./1

Absolutely none of these funds will be placed in a Bank at the redemption appointment. Bank computers cannot be programmed to transfer Digital Gold Certificates./2
The QFS can and will transplant funds into a bank account as has been explained earlier,/3
so a person can transfer funds to their own bank account but the desirability will become less and less as the banks go into receivership and their customer’s deposits are confiscated to avoid the Bank’s demise./4
Which bank can compete with the QFS when the QFS is free, secure, private, and stable? One of the major problems in the transition will be the use of Debit Cards for merchant purchases. Will VISA or Mastercard be available?/5
We’ll see what the Alliance comes up with but there will be a lot of work to be done to change the VISA or Mastercard structure to work with a Debit Card from the QFS – but it will eventually be done./6
Merchant fees for VISA and Mastercard or any other card will be eliminated, so changes will be coming. A major cost for Credit Card companies is stolen cards and fraud. The QFS eliminates all of these fraudulent activities including identity theft./7
The QFS security system will ensure our financial security as long as we use money for the exchange of goods and services.8/8
-Ron Giles-

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