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Created by Maharshi Parasurama and also one among the 108 Shakthi Peethas in the world. The name Kanyakumari stands for Kanya(Virgin) and Kumari(girl).
Devi took this form to vanquish the demon Banasura

Once, Banasura(grand son of Mahabali) obtained a boon from Shiva that he could be vanquished only by a virgin.
So, Devi took the form of a kumari and started meditating with the desire to marry Shiva at Suchindram.
Pleased Shiva fixed the midnight hour for marriage with Devi.
Devarshi Narada knew that the marriage would end the chance of killing Banasura. So, he assumed the form of a cock and crowed. Shiva returned back to Suchindram thinking that it was dawn.
Angered, Devi cursed that all food and articles meant for wedding turn into sand and shells
When Banasura heard about Devi’s beauty, he tried to take her by force. Devi, then, killed him and granted the wish of Devas to remain there always protecting them.
The murti of Devi stands with a rosary in hand. Her diamond nose-ring is said to be visible even from the sea.
Once an ancient mariner mistook it for a lighthouse and sailing towards it, his ship wrecked upon the Kanya Kumari rocks. In order to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, the eastern door of the shrine is opened only on five special occasions throughout the year.

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FAKE quote!

Such a verse is NOT FOUND in any authentic Ravidas Bani.

Nowhere in his poems does Sant Ravidas say "I proclaim all Vedas as worthless".

This is a new scam in the market. Appropriation of Hindu history and Hindu saints by anti Hindus to boost their own legacy.

What Sant Ravidas actually said (when he was asked to convert to Islam by Lodhi):

"The religion of the Vedas is the greatest. It is the treasure trove of matchless knowledge.Why then will I abandon the Vedic Dharmic and read the untrue Quran?"

From Ravidas Ramayana(16th cent):

False quotes denigrating Hinduism are circulated in the name of Sant Ravidas as he was a great Hindu Sant from Dalit background.

This represents a challenge to people who want to spin the caste narrative of opposition of Dalits to Hinduism. They want to break this connection

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