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A pleb's guide to using @Keeper_DAO's hiding game to acquire $Rook below market price and arb it like a pro.

Before reading this thread, please read this one to provide a bit of context:

Here we go!


Before we really get into the meat of this... please do understand that the hiding game is currently in alpha. Hardware wallets don't work w/ it yet (they will soon).

Sometimes orders go unfilled (improving every day).


A bit more context:

Limit orders on an amm aren't limit orders in the traditional sense. They are actually arbitrage opportunities for keepers. Keepers are bots that operate in the dark forest of ethereum.


Now, let's say you use a service like 1inch or matcha to set your limit orders.

Let's say eth is $900 and you want to sell at $1000.

Eth pumps to $1040 rapidly, a keeper fills your limit order for $1000... everyone is happy. But wait... who gets the extra $40 here?


Hint: it's not you! But what if you could?

This is where the hiding game comes in.

When you submit a limit order through the hiding game, @Keeper_DAO takes the $40 (or w/e amount) referenced above (this is MEV) and pushes it to the treasury.