1. “Who Are Ireland’s Members Of The World Economic Forum Implementing The Great Reset In 2021 ? 🧵1/28

🕵️🔎 Politicians, Musicians, Clergy, Bankers, Journalists, Human Rights, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Corporations & Agriculture

2. In previous threads I have looked at 🇮🇪 key players in the Trilateral Commission as well as 🇮🇪 people who have attended the Bilderberger meetings. I also looked at the 🇮🇪 in the Young Global Leaders which is a site run by the WEF. You will see a lot of crossover between them.
3. The purpose of this thread is to compile all the Irish members into one thread for ease of access and reading rather than having to dive through the WEF site. This is by no means definitive and I will be adding more over time when they pop out of the woodwork.
4. Ireland’s WEF members are drawn from all walks of life but can be split into 2 separate areas. The WEF calls the first category “people” and the 2nd one “agenda contributors”. In total Ireland has a minimum of 61 members. Some of the names will be familiar and others will not
5. In this thread I’m just going to concentrate on the 21 people (there are probably a lot more). There are also 40 “agenda contributors” which I will cover in a separate thread. The agenda contributors are those who write articles or do research for the WEF site.
6. The “People” are key influencers in Irish society such as politicians, musicians, clergy, bankers, journalists, human rights, artificial intelligence, agriculture, sustainability. I’ve tried to keep it simple with links going directly to their WEF profile pages
7. Politicians

Leo Varadkar

Former Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise and also a member of the Young Global leaders site

8. Michael Noonan

Former Minister of Finance, Department of Finance of Ireland

9. Enda Kenny

Former Taoiseach (2011-2017), Fine Gael Party

10. Paschal Donohoe

Minister of Finance, Department of Finance of Ireland

11. Musicians


Lead Singer U2, Co-Founder, (RED); Co-Founder, ONE

12. Clergy

Diarmuid Martin

Archbishop of Dublin, Archdiocese of Dublin

13. Journalist

David McWilliams

Broadcaster, Writer and Commentator, Iconic Media Ltd and also a member of the Young Global Leaders site

14. Bankers

Francesca McDonagh

Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Ireland Group

15. Tadhg Flood

Global Co-Head, Financial Institutions Group, Deutsche Bank

16. John Coulter

Chief Executive Officer, sub-Saharan Africa, JPMorgan Chase & Co

17. Artificial Intelligence

Eimear Farrell

Human Rights Officer

Heads Up Ireland's national Artificial Intelligence Strategy

18. Sustainability

William (Liam) Casey

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PCH International

Interestingly, on their site https://t.co/9ek6ABLeoR there is a link to providing PPE to hospitals which is now broken

19. Grainia Long

Commissioner for Resilience, Belfast City Council

20. Ruairí De Búrca

Director-General, Development Cooperation and Africa Division, Irish Aid

21. Michael Hayes

Global Head, Renewables, KPMG

22. Mary Keeling

Manager, Economic Analysis, Smarter Cities, IBM

23. Aine Kerr

Co-Founder and COO, Kinzen. Also married to Aodhán Ó Ríordáin who is an Irish Labour Party politician.

Not sure why but the link to her profile is broken 🤔

24. Ian Walsh

Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group.

25. Patrick Manley

Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Insurance Group

26. Teresa O'Flynn

Managing Director, BlackRock Inc.

27. Agriculture

Liam Condon

President, Bayer Crop Science, Bayer

28. So you can see the Irish presence in the WEF is very strong. If you would like to find out more about the Irish players at the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberger attendees please 👇 to find all my 🧵. Thanks


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Interesting thread, but I don't think ecosocialists or degrowthers are arguing that if German socialists had come to power the world would be green by now. Socialism is not automatically green. Eco-socialism is what it says - a green version of socialism - to be tested /1

The historical counterfactual also in not totally convincing. So let's assume Germany and Europe went socialist. The world economy would have evolved exactly the same way it did? 🤔 I doubt it, this is too deterministic. Examples: /2

We do not know if the transition from coal to oil would have taken place when it took place, the way it did. From Timothy Mitchell we know that oil was a fix for capitalism to bypass the labour strikes of coal workers. One would think that socialists would treat workers better /3

We also do not know if socialist governments would strong arm the Middle East the way capitalists did, starting wars to secure cheap oil, and setting up puppet governments. One would want to think that Rosa Luxembourg would not go down that path..../4

We also do not know if they would have continued colonial unequal exchange, extracting raw materials as cheap as possible from the rest of the world. Without cheap oil and cheap materials, it is anyone's guess if GDP and CO2 would be where it is now. /5

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शमशान में जब महर्षि दधीचि के मांसपिंड का दाह संस्कार हो रहा था तो उनकी पत्नी अपने पति का वियोग सहन नहीं कर पायी और पास में ही स्थित विशाल पीपल वृक्ष के कोटर में अपने तीन वर्ष के बालक को रख के स्वयं चिता पे बैठ कर सती हो गयी ।इस प्रकार ऋषी दधीचि और उनकी पत्नी की मुक्ति हो गयी।

परन्तु पीपल के कोटर में रखा बालक भूख प्यास से तड़पने लगा। जब कुछ नहीं मिला तो वो कोटर में पड़े पीपल के गोदों (फल) को खाकर बड़ा होने लगा। कालान्तर में पीपल के फलों और पत्तों को खाकर बालक का जीवन किसी प्रकार सुरक्षित रहा।

एक दिन देवर्षि नारद वहां से गुजर रहे थे ।नारद ने पीपल के कोटर में बालक को देख कर उसका परिचय मांगा -
नारद बोले - बालक तुम कौन हो?
बालक - यही तो मैं भी जानना चहता हूँ ।
नारद - तुम्हारे जनक कौन हैं?
बालक - यही तो मैं भी जानना चाहता हूँ ।

तब नारद ने आँखें बन्द कर ध्यान लगाया ।

तत्पश्चात आश्चर्यचकित हो कर बालक को बताया कि 'हे बालक! तुम महान दानी महर्षि दधीचि के पुत्र हो । तुम्हारे पिता की अस्थियों का वज्रास्त्र बनाकर ही देवताओं ने असुरों पर विजय पायी थी।तुम्हारे पिता की मृत्यु मात्र 31 वर्ष की वय में ही हो गयी थी'।

बालक - मेरे पिता की अकाल मृत्यु का क्या कारण था?
नारद - तुम्हारे पिता पर शनिदेव की महादशा थी।
बालक - मेरे उपर आयी विपत्ति का कारण क्या था?
नारद - शनिदेव की महादशा।
इतना बताकर देवर्षि नारद ने पीपल के पत्तों और गोदों को खाकर बड़े हुए उस बालक का नाम पिप्पलाद रखा और उसे दीक्षित किया।
“We don’t negotiate salaries” is a negotiation tactic.

Always. No, your company is not an exception.

A tactic I don’t appreciate at all because of how unfairly it penalizes low-leverage, junior employees, and those loyal enough not to question it, but that’s negotiation for you after all. Weaponized information asymmetry.

Listen to Aditya

And by the way, you should never be worried that an offer would be withdrawn if you politely negotiate.

I have seen this happen *extremely* rarely, mostly to women, and anyway is a giant red flag. It suggests you probably didn’t want to work there.

You wish there was no negotiating so it would all be more fair? I feel you, but it’s not happening.

Instead, negotiate hard, use your privilege, and then go and share numbers with your underrepresented and underpaid colleagues. […]