As it's #AppreciateADragonDay let's do some classic covers from Dragon magazine!

Tony DiTerlizzi's cover art for Dragon magazine #242, December 1997.
Dragon magazine issue 106, February 1986. Cover by Keith Parkinson.
Dragon Magazine #71, March 1983. Cover by Clyde Caldwell.
Dragon magazine issue 65, September 1982. Cover by Clyde Caldwell.
Dragon Magazine #56, December 1981. Cover by Phil Foglio.
Dragon Magazine #111, July 1986. Cover by Denis Beauvais.
Dragon Magazine #206, June 1994. Cover by Jeff Easley.
Dragon Magazine #194, June 1993. Cover by Eric Gooch.
Dragon Magazine #116, December 1986. Cover by Peter J. Botsis.
Dragon Magazine #97, May 1985. Cover by Robin Wood.
More dragons another time...

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Great article from @AsheSchow. I lived thru the 'Satanic Panic' of the 1980's/early 1990's asking myself "Has eveyrbody lost their GODDAMN MINDS?!"

The 3 big things that made the 1980's/early 1990's surreal for me.

1) Satanic Panic - satanism in the day cares ahhhh!

2) "Repressed memory" syndrome

3) Facilitated Communication [FC]

All 3 led to massive abuse.

"Therapists" -and I use the term to describe these quacks loosely - would hypnotize people & convince they they were 'reliving' past memories of Mom & Dad killing babies in Satanic rituals in the basement while they were growing up.

Other 'therapists' would badger kids until they invented stories about watching alligators eat babies dropped into a lake from a hot air balloon. Kids would deny anything happened for hours until the therapist 'broke through' and 'found' the 'truth'.

FC was a movement that started with the claim severely handicapped individuals were able to 'type' legible sentences & communicate if a 'helper' guided their hands over a keyboard.

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