Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal #temple -Gunaseelam,Near Trichy,TN #Thread

Gunaseela Mahatmyam,a chapter of Bhavishyottara Purana describes greatness of this place.

Venkatachlapathi of Tirumala Tirupati appeared b4 Gunaseela Rishi here,so Gunaseelam is known as Ten(South)Tirupati

Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal is in a standing posture with 4 arms holding sankha & chakra in the upper hands.The lower right hand is in abhaya pose,blessing devotees &left hand is in kati hasta,resting on waist.
A sceptre(senkkol)rests on right shoulder,with which this murti is believed to cure people affected by mental illness.These patient stay here for a period-48 days& participate in poojas&most of them get relieved of their problems.There is a temple run Mental Rehabilitation center
#storytimethread -As per Sthala Puranam,existence of this temple is due to efforts of Gunaseela Rishi, a disciple of Thalpiya Maharishi.
Thalpiya Maharishi along with his disciple Gunaseela Rishi once went to Himalayas.On his way back, Gunaseela Rishi stayed back at Tirupathi.
He was so wanted to have darshan of Venkatachalapathy in Gunaseelam near his asharam & bless the devotees.

He came back, bathed in the Cauvery,took blessing from his guru &undertook severe penance here in his ashram in Gunaseelam.
Impressed with his tapas, Bhagwan vishnu appeared before him along with Goddess & promised to remain here till end of Kali Yugam. Pleased with the darshan of Prasanna Venkatesa, Gunaseela rishi continued to offer his daily poojas from his ashram here.
At the end of Dwapara Yuga, Gunaseela rishi’s Guru wanted him to go to Naimisaaranyam. Gunaseela Rishi designated his young disciple to continue daily poojas.However,floods in Cauvery& dangerous animals in forest led the disciple to flee the place & poojas came to an abrupt end
Bhagwan decided to hide himself in a pit.After a few centuries, during time of Raja Gnanavarman, cows used to empty milk near an ant hill. A voice was heard saying that milk must be poured to dissolve ant hill.Raja brought his army &1000s of litres of milk to dissolve ant hill.
Once dissolved,Bhagwan appeared before Raja as Prasanna Venkatesa. As per the Raja's wishes,Narayana agreed to stay till Kali yuga &help fulfil all prayers of devotees,who visit this temple.
Raja shifted capital from Uraiyur to Kallur,near Gunaseelam &built the temple here.
Om Namo Narayana🙏
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Source text - based on various blogs/news articles related to Gunaseelam Temple
Do read this #storytimethread about Gunaseelam Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal #temple
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This sculpture depicts Krishna leela that happened when he crawled around with Ural/mortar that was tied with rope on his waist.


📸 - A panel from Sri Amruteshwara Temple , Amruthapura,Karnataka

Bhagwan Krishna was a very naughty child.Yashoda being fed up by pranks of Krishna tied him to a mortar/ural with a rope after a great Krishna is called as Damodara- दाम(dam) means-rope,उदर (udara)means stomach. Later,Yashoda goes inside to do her work.

Left alone in the courtyard,
Krishna started moving about around with the mortar rolling behind him on the move.
On the way,there were 2 huge trees close to each other. Krishna crawled in between the trees & mortar got stuck in between.He tried to pull with all his strength.

As result,uproots twin trees causing them to fall down.The trees transform into 2 Gandharvas - Nalakuvara & Manigriva (sons of Kubera). They were cursed by Rishi Narada into becoming Arjuna trees.Liberated from curse,they thank Bhagwan Krishna.

📸- sculpture at Cheluvanaryana Temple,Melukote,Karnataka

All 📸 in this thread credit to TeamGsquare,stonestories and google
Source text - based on details in TeamGsquare,stonestories blogs

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Once upon a time there was a Raja named Uttānapāda born of Svayambhuva Manu,1st man on earth.He had 2 beautiful wives - Suniti & Suruchi & two sons were born of them Dhruva & Uttama respectively.

Now Suniti was the daughter of a tribal chief while Suruchi was the daughter of a rich king. Hence Suruchi was always favored the most by Raja while Suniti was ignored. But while Suniti was gentle & kind hearted by nature Suruchi was venomous inside.

The story is of a time when ideally the eldest son of the king becomes the heir to the throne. Hence the sinhasan of the Raja belonged to Dhruva.This is why Suruchi who was the 2nd wife nourished poison in her heart for Dhruva as she knew her son will never get the throne.

One day when Dhruva was just 5 years old he went on to sit on his father's lap. Suruchi, the jealous queen, got enraged and shoved him away from Raja as she never wanted Raja to shower Dhruva with his fatherly affection.

Dhruva protested questioning his step mother "why can't i sit on my own father's lap?" A furious Suruchi berated him saying "only God can allow him that privilege. Go ask him"

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