At it's #NewYearsEve we're going to end the year by playing the Agatha Christie game!

I'll show you the book cover artwork by Tom Adams, and you guess the Fontana edition Agatha Christie novel it's from.

Here's your first one...

A little bit trickier for question 2...
A lot trickier for number 3, but the clues are there if you know your Christie...
And here's your last Agatha Christie cover for this round - quite a famous one.

I'll post the answers in a bit, so get your guesses in now please!
Here are the answers to round 1 of the Agatha Christie game. I hope you got a few right, as round 2 will exercise your little grey cells a little bit more...
Question 1: which Agatha Christie book does this cover come from? The clues are there...
Question 2: which Christie book is this? Boats, fields, an old pillar, hmm...
Agatha Christie cover no 3: this ISN'T Death On The Nile, but what book is it?
Here's your last Christie cover for round 2, and it's an easy one. All the clues are there, answers in a bit...
Here are the answers to round 2. The final round is very hard, so kudos if you get any of the next four Agatha Christie covers without cheating...
Question 1: which Agatha Christie story is this cover from. The clues are there of you think about it...
Question 2: which Agatha Christie novel is this cover from. The background is a clue...
Question 3: name that Agatha Christie book. All the clues are there, you just have to think a little differently than usual...
And our last Agatha Christie cover is a festive one. But what was the book? Answers in a bit...
I have gathered you all together in the drawing room to reveal... the answers to the last round!

I hope you guessed a few.

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I'm going to do two history threads on Ethiopia, one on its ancient history, one on its modern story (1800 to today). 🇪🇹

I'll begin with the ancient history ... and it goes way back. Because modern humans - and before that, the ancestors of humans - almost certainly originated in Ethiopia. 🇪🇹 (sub-thread):

The first likely historical reference to Ethiopia is ancient Egyptian records of trade expeditions to the "Land of Punt" in search of gold, ebony, ivory, incense, and wild animals, starting in c 2500 BC 🇪🇹

Ethiopians themselves believe that the Queen of Sheba, who visited Israel's King Solomon in the Bible (c 950 BC), came from Ethiopia (not Yemen, as others believe). Here she is meeting Solomon in a stain-glassed window in Addis Ababa's Holy Trinity Church. 🇪🇹

References to the Queen of Sheba are everywhere in Ethiopia. The national airline's frequent flier miles are even called "ShebaMiles". 🇪🇹

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# Using Google Colab

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Create a new Notebook at and name it AnythingOfYourChoice.ipynb

You got your notebook ready and now the game is on!
You can add code in these cells and add as many cells as you want

# Importing Libraries

Imports are pretty standard, with a few exceptions.
For the most part, you can import your libraries by running the import.
Type this in the first cell you see. You need not worry about what each of these does, we will understand it later.