Arya Samaj Exposed ( A Thread)

Today I'm going to expose these so called reviver of Sanatan dharma.
Arya samaj's main book which they treat as their bible is Satyarth Prakasha. Which was written by "Maharishi" Dayanand Saraswati.
Dayanand Condemned Idol worship and blamed it on jains . like really??
The book peddles hate against several Hindu sects.

here is hate against Vaishnavas
Hate against Shaivas. He even has problem with Bam Bam Boley 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Peppee poopooo Puranas bad ,
any person with common sense can understand the essence of Puranas.
even madhwas and lingyats are not spared
Really this much hatred against idol worship?
Ok no words on this
This so Called reviver of vedas didn't understand vedas himself look how he is trying to prove niyoga from vedas
Now let's talk about his followers.
Santosh Arya called Lord Shiva bhuton ka raja
Wait so Arya samaj ≠ Sanatan dharma?

kudos to @IndoctrinatedR for finding this
Many books were written by our Acharyas who countered each and every claim of Arya samaj.
Now before anyone here starts praising Arya samaj for this / that.

Lemme do that myself.
Rajiv Dixit ji who was also arya samaj influenced (just influenced and not a radical) said that original motive of Arya samaj was to PROTECT the cows
Besides we know about Swami Shraddhanand and i believe we should read books of Udayveer shastri ji .

Do i praise them for their contribution ? Yes

Do i believe that current Arya samaj is just a reformist cult rather than protector of cows and reviver of Vedas? Also Yes.
The Arya samaj we know today has outlived it's utility.

They reject all scriptures other than vedas and even for vedas only few samhitas are accepted.
For them
Ṛgvēda khilā is fake
Purāṇas are fake
Āgamas are fake
Uttarākhaṇḍa is fake
Śilpa śāstraṁ is fake
Smṛtis are fake
Certain Brahmaṇas are fake
Śaṅkarācārya pīṭhas are fake.
Don't even ask about other acaāryas
Gita is of 70 shlokas and 90 % of Mahabharata is fake
Conclusion : they should stick to their cocoon and stop larping as Hindu/sanatani, nothing better than desert cult..

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I had written this thread in refutation to your false claims which you had made from your previous account and you had even quoted it from your old account and now you are lying that you didn't know about this thread?
Are you trying to say the Verse of Quran i had mentioned

in the thread is false? If that's your claim then say it clearly that all the verses of Quran and hadiths are false which talks about equality and your propaganda is the ultimate truth and hidden secret of Islam.
a) If you are trying to say that just being born in a Quraysh tribe

makes one superior than others then let me remind you that the first oppressors of the Prophet pbuh were Quraysh, the first battle of Muslims happened with Quraysh, the guy who was cursed by Allah in Quran was a Quraysh (ever read Quran?). And if you want to show that being from

the lineage of Prophets makes you superior than others then let me remind you that the son of Prophet Adam will be in hell (as informed to us by the narrations), the son of Prophet Noah will be in hell, the wife of Prophet Noah will be in hell, the wife of Prophet Lut will be in

hell. And if you are trying to say that only Quraysh had the right to rule and not others then let me remind you from history that the Messenger of Allah pbuh appointed leaders Abdullah bin Ruwaha, Zaid bin Haritha, and Usama bin Zaid, and all of them were not from Quraish.

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