12 Common reasons which is the root cause most traders
LOSE MONEY in trading.

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1) Adding many indicators in expectation to make quick money. But reality is Indicators follow price.

So try to understand what buyers/sellers are doing to move the price.

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2) Just because the candle is BIG ( BIG red colour candle means SELL & Big green colour candle means BUY ) on 5 min or 15 min timeframe for intraday.

Remember this is not a trading strategy. You are just attracted by the big candle & colour

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3) Just because having capital in demat account want to utilise full capital in a trade.

Remember don't risk max.more than 2% of your capital on the single trade.

Loss can be controlled but profits can't be controlled. FOCUS which can be controlled

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4) Placing stoploss most of the time exactly at visual reference levels like

-Above Day high/swing high or below Day Low /Swing low
- Exactly above/below VWAP
- Above Previous day high or below Previous day low etc...

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5) Searching for holy grail system or searching for high accuracy strategy like 95% or 100% sure shot - Actually it doesn't exist.

Trading is a not about accuracy on strategy it is about how balanced is your profit/loss

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6) Jumping from one strategy to another without even understanding the market cycle.

There are three main cycle
- Trending ( Clean up/down move)
- Sideways
- Volatile ( Aggressive up/down in a wide range)

So based on the market start deploying the strategy

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7) Getting Trapped by number:

Just because banknifty is showing +700 points up thinking that price will not further go UP just immediately taking a short side trade.

( Understand the market cycle from the above tweet )

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8) Buying OTM options and thinking to be 2x or 5x. But the reality is almost more than 70% of option strikes expiry at 0.

If you really want to trade in option buying better focus on ATM/ITM option strike price.

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9) Thinking Trading is some magic business or lottery ticket and expecting to double capital in every 3 or 6 months consistently.

Come out of that Unrealistic DREAM

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10) Most traders don't have a Trade plan just sit in front of the screen during Market hours and want to trade every-move & everyday.

Remember - We trade in the market to make money but not to trade every-move.
11) Frustration , FEAR , Panic , Shouting on your friends,family after LOSSES.

A direct signal that either you are losing/lost 10% , 20% of capital or even more on a single trade.

You have not managed risk/ controlled loss no point in blaming others.

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12) Blindly following some tips/call providers in expectation to make quick or fast money.

In trading there is nothing called Fast money. Trading is business were money can be made only consistently.

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