A #story from #Thiruvilayadal puranam- one of divine leelas of Bhagwan Shiva

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Koodal Kaandam

Story 21 - it is about how stone elephant came to life and ate sugarcane - When Raja Abhisheka Pandyan met Ellam Valla Siddhar

கல்யானைக்கு கரும்பருத்திய படலம்

Raja Abhisheka Pandiyan went ahead to meet Ellam Valla Siddhar on the premises of the temple.On seeing the arrival of Raja, people surrounding Siddhar moved back. Abhisheka Pandiyan introduced himself to Siddhar &asked about his whereabouts.Also his purpose of visit to Madurai.
Raja asked why he performed magical acts, does he expect anything from him or people of Madurai.

Siddhar laughed & replied to Raja that he was from Kasi. He had heard a lot about Madurai in Kashi.Also told that this place is a Mukti Kshetram,so he had come to stay here.
Siddhar asked Raja if he has the capability &power to give anything that he asks for. Siddhar told King that he has power to do things even if he think of it.Siddhar asked King to ask whatever he wants & it would be provided, whatever these people had asked, they were granted.
Abhisheka Pandyan was shocked to receive such a reply from Siddhar,& he decided to test the power of this Siddhar. By that time, Raja saw a person in crowd having Sugarcane.

Raja took Sugarcane from that person.
And told Siddhar that if he had such power then make one of stone elephants supporting the Indra Vimana to eat these Sugar cane. Siddhar smiled and replied, “You want to test my power then.” Siddhar made a gesture with his eyes to one of the stone elephant.
One Stone elephant came alive, moved its eyes & looked around. Elephant moved its trunk,then grabbed the Sugar cane& put it into its mouth to eat it. People around were watching these events with awe.Raja was stunned, he did not know how to react.
Also didn't knew what to do next.But Bhagwan Shiva who had come in the form of Siddhar was ready with his next act. Siddhar made another gesture with his eyes,the elephant snatched the pearl mala worn by Abhisheka Pandyan& swallowed it swiftly before anyone around could react.
Raja got angry,soldiers rushed towards Siddhar with Sticks & Vel. Siddhar just looked at those soldiers who came near to attack him.They became stone statues.Raja Abhisheka Pandyan understood the power of Siddhar & asked for forgiveness immediately. Siddhar accepted his apology
And asked King what boon he wanted.Raja asked for a child. Siddhar blessed Abhisheka Pandyan that he would be blessed with a child soon. Then elephant returned pearl mala back.Raja took the pearl mala back with great respect.The soldiers who were made into statues,got back to
their original form.The elephant went back to its place in Indra Vimana.Siddhar was not seen anywhere. All went inside the Sannidhi of Sundareswarar, they understood that Siddhar was Shiva himself & worshipped him.
After some time,Abhisheka Pandyan was blessed with a baby boy.
He was named as Vikraman. Abhisheka Pandyan later is said to have built a Sannidhi for Siddhar. In Meenakshi Amman Temple, we can have darshan of Ellam Valla Siddhar in Sannidhi to the right of Durga Devi.
1 📸 - photo from 2018 year Navaratri Alankar featuring this #Thiruvilayadal story

2📸- sculpture depicting this story is present in Puthu mandapam premises outside the temple near amman sannidhi entrance.
Next Thiruvilayadal Story is about how Bhagwan Shiva took the form of a hunter & killed a rogue elephant

Will post it next week.Thanks for reading.
#OmNamahShivaya 🙏

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A #story from #Thiruvilayadal puranam-one of divine leelas of Bhagwan Shiva

#threadseries #madurai

Koodal Kaandam

Story 24 - it is about why Nataraja in Velliyambalam/Silver Dance Hall changed his pose to stand on left leg & raise right leg.

கால் மாறி ஆடிய படலம்

Earlier,Bhagwan Shiva performed Sadhya thadavam as per requests of Pathajali & Vyaghrapada Rishis after Wedding as the convyed to Sundareswarar that they usually have food only after seeing the dance of Thillai
https://t.co/VIpzT0n0Kc see this story 👇

After Vikrama Pandyan, his son Rajasekara Pandyan ruled Madurai Kingdom.Rajsekaran mastered various art forms.Out of 64 art form,except for Natyam- he mastered 63 art forms.

He was very devoted towards Chokkanathar & Velliyambalam Nataraja who is Supreme master of Dance/Bharatam

He didn't attempt to learn Bharatam. He considered it will be a disrespect to practice due to his bhakti towards Nataraja/Bhagwan shiva.

During that time,Chola kingdom was ruled by Karikala Cholan.He was a great king&he patronized all art forms.He has learnt all 64 art forms.

Once a poet from Chola kingdom visited the court of Rajasekara Pandyan.After paying tributes,the poet said that his Raja was master of 64 arts,but pandyan knew only 63.Pandyan felt insulted,but realised that it might be God's will to make him learn Natyam.

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