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These 5 visualizers will help you learn data structures and algorithms up to 10 times faster

Thread 🧵👇🏻


- Learn DSA and visualize some complex programs. Definitely check it out.


- Dedicated to graph DS


- Visualizing data structures and algorithms through animation


- All sorting algorithms animations
Interesting thread, but I don't think ecosocialists or degrowthers are arguing that if German socialists had come to power the world would be green by now. Socialism is not automatically green. Eco-socialism is what it says - a green version of socialism - to be tested /1

The historical counterfactual also in not totally convincing. So let's assume Germany and Europe went socialist. The world economy would have evolved exactly the same way it did? 🤔 I doubt it, this is too deterministic. Examples: /2

We do not know if the transition from coal to oil would have taken place when it took place, the way it did. From Timothy Mitchell we know that oil was a fix for capitalism to bypass the labour strikes of coal workers. One would think that socialists would treat workers better /3

We also do not know if socialist governments would strong arm the Middle East the way capitalists did, starting wars to secure cheap oil, and setting up puppet governments. One would want to think that Rosa Luxembourg would not go down that path..../4

We also do not know if they would have continued colonial unequal exchange, extracting raw materials as cheap as possible from the rest of the world. Without cheap oil and cheap materials, it is anyone's guess if GDP and CO2 would be where it is now. /5
We're understandably focused on bills/laws being proposed/passed to restrict voting and which hurt election integrity in several states, but we should be paying particular attention to what is happening in TX, right now. /1

In a late night vote, the TX senate just passed SB7, which puts significant restrictions on voting, in a state where it's already harder to vote than almost anywhere else.

TX SB7 prohibits efforts by election officials to encourage or educate voters about early and mail voting options. It even requires those who need to vote by mail due to disability to provide a gov't document or a doctor's attestation that they are "disabled." /3

TX SB7 outlaws drop boxes and further limits early voting, and disenfranchises any voter whose ballot is delivered by anyone other than herself or by mail. If an elderly voter's spouse delivers the ballot by hand to election officials, that ballot "may not be counted." /4

TX SB7 allows ONLY partisan "watchers" the ability to roam anywhere they want in polling places, regardless of the work poll workers are doing, and use wireless devices in voting locations. No one else would have this power. /5
A THREAD on the principles of Hindu iconography & iconometry. In order to fully be able to appreciate our ancient art,one must have a rudimentary knowledge of the various terminologies & methodologies employed by ancient artisans & builders. We'll dwell on that in this thread (1)

Before we proceed any further, I'd like you to have a look at the below THREAD on the ancient Hindu system of measurement. A lot of terminologies from there will be used here too. Get yourself acquainted with the different units of Hindu measurement

The ancient Temple builders i.e. the Sthapatis, have consulted various Shastras in order to execute all their wondrous workmanship. The Shastras are many, yet there is much commonality than differences in them. (3)

This vast ocean of knowledge revealed by the Devas to the ancient Rishis has resulted in the various different styles of Temple building, image making, rock sculpturing etc (4)

Some of the important Shastras consulted by the Sthapatis:

1) Vishnudharmotthara purana
2) Agni Purana
3) Matsya Purana
4) Brihat Samhita

Above texts contain a vast ocean of info on Temple building. Ancient Temples of Northern Bharat were built according to this tradition (5)
17% need workshop. 😂😀

This is my simple trading.
1. In Nov 2016 my mom was diagnosed w/#Dementia w/#AuditoryHallucinations. As she left our house at 12AM & wandered around our neighborhood, we had to put her in a #NursingHome. She was a very limited #EnglishSpeaker & very few of her caregivers spoke #Portuguese. She wasn’t used

2. to #AmericanFood. Throughout her life she cooked the food she started cooking at 7 in #Portugal. For these & so many other reasons, I visited my mom every day. I brought dinner for both of us & spent several hrs w/her. She had gotten used to the #Routine we had established...

3. in the 3 yrs she was in the NH. In her stage of #Dementia she was still aware of time & if I didn’t show up on time, she would become upset. The voices in her mind might tell her that I wasn’t w/her bc I had been murdered by my imaginary stalker. This was just one of many.....

4. scenarios my mother imagined. I like to say that she was living a soap opera in her mind for almost 4 yrs. And the soap opera was called Hell of a Nightmare! Imagine what happened once the NH went into #Lockdown & I couldn’t spend time w/her?

5. Unlike many we were #Fortunate to video chat almost every day. But her hearing issues made this very difficult! Imagine trying to explain what was happening on a video chat! Imagine the difficulty trying to comfort her when she was hallucinating while we were video chatting!