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Could it be the MSM played a hoax on us? What if the inauguration was prior filmed and aired as “live TV”? Why was sun shining in some while snow/non sun shining falling in some shots? Why bright lights in front of WH? What if CGI was used? Would our media do that? Why?

The “stage” is still there last night👇🏻👀

Why was BiDEn sworn in before noon? The Constitution(Supreme Law of the Land) says noon is time of swearing in.... why did BiDEn sign “17” Executive Orders” which were only blank pieces of paper?

Can a new POTUS be sworn in during time of war? NO! We are at war! Remember Emergency Act in Spring of 2020 signed due to China Bioweapon? Then, EO signed and China election interference. THESE are ACTS of WAR!

Did POTUS Trump sign the Insurrection Act allowing Military to take the reigns of Government control? By law, POTUS does not have to announce it...but if HE does, then he has to physically SHOW the document signed. Could this be why we hear he signed it but have not seen it?
@CarmineSabia Here, let us help @mjs_DC with this thread of Democrats and their propaganda wing who endorsed violence what they dishonestly called "peaceful

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Is this the second BOOM?

You want to know about Barockschloss Ludwigsburg? Too bad, I'm going to tell you some stuff about it, as it's my 'local'...

It all came about because Eberhard Ludwig, Duke of Württe.berg, decided in 1704 that he wanted a big old palace from which to be an absolutist Duke, and do absolutist things. So, picking an old hunting lodge, he started to extend it...

Thing is, though, to build a residential palace, you need a workforce. To gain a workforce, they needed somewhere to live. So, alongside the palace, he founded the town of Ludwigsburg, now adjacent to Stuttgart.

Ludwig resided at Ludwigsburg until 1733, when, childless, he kicked the bucket. Then Carl-Eugen, a relative, became Duke, and that's when things became lit.

See Carl Eugen had been raised in the court of Frederick the Great, and had been deprived of fun and female company - they were banned from the Prussian court.

So, he was essentially a big fat party animal from the get-go.
This week marks 12 months since Josephine Cashman supplied Andrew Bolt with a letter falsely attributed to a Yolngu lawman that Bolt published via NewsCorp on Jan 26 as parcel of his persecution of Bruce Pascoe. Cashman & Bolt still haven’t provided a satisfactory explanation

Terry Yumbulul didn’t write the letter and didn’t agree with its content. He said so himself in a video published the next day and in a written statement published later the same day

The weird thing was, it soon emerged that large sections of the letter had been cribbed from other sources. Weird because as a Yolngu lawman, Terry didn’t need to borrow his knowledge from unrelated, alternate sources ... pretty much verbatim

The fallout was swift. Bolt was compelled to do a correction on his column and Cashman was just as swiftly dumped from her position of the Morrison government’s Senior Advisory Group for an Indigenous Voice to Government

There was no apology from either of them or from NewsCorp tho, and with the assistance of Sky News After Dark they desperately attempted to obfuscate the reality that everybody involved had been caught out and left red faced