Kolaru Pathigam-Thevaram hymn composed by ThiruGnana Sambandar- #Thread

In Tamil Kol means planets,Aru means cut- set of songs in Kolaru Pathigam addresses all Navagrahas& last 2 lines of every song with end a plea to Bhagwan Shiva to reduce/erase the ill effects of Navagrahas

கோளறு பதிகம் - This pathigam was sung by Thirugnana Sambandar at Thirumaraikadu Kshetram -Vedaranyam,Tamilnadu

Thirugnana Sambandar & Appar(Thirunavukkarasar) travelled together to various Shiva Alayam to spread shivam & bhakti among people.They both reached Thirumaraikadu.
Thirumaraikadu(Vedaranyam) -
Appar & Sambandar were asked to enter the temple through side entrance.The main door was locked by Vedas many years ago.Appar&Sambandar sang devotional hymns praising Shiva, after which the gates opened & closed.After which main door opened for all.
After darshan of Bhagwan Shiva at Thirumaraikkadu,Sambandar received a message to travel to Madurai.
During that time, Samanam was on the rise in the Pandya Kingdom.The Pandya King converted to Samanam.The Queen Mangaiyarkkarasi was a staunch Shiva devotee and was upset.
Kularchirai Nayanar ,Chief Minister of Pandya kingdom was in agony by the turn of events.Queen requested Kulachirai Nayanar to escort Thiru gnana Sambandar to Madurai.Kularchirai Nayanar met Thiru gnana Sambandar at Thirumaraikkadu & requested him to visit Madurai.
Sambandar agreed and was about to start with Kularchirai Nayanar.Appar himself has been persecuted by the Samanars in the past.He felt that Sambandar being a very young boy,samanars might harm him physically.Further,he told Sambandar astrologically,it is not right time to travel.
Appar tried to stop Sambandar from traveling in that period. Sambandar told Appar Naalum, Kolum(Grahams& Stars) should not trouble/cause any to a true devotee.Then he sang Kolaru Pathigam - pleads for Shiva's protection against the ill effects of planets.
Kolaru Pathigam- first song

வேயுறு தோளி பங்கன்விடமுண்ட கண்டன் மிகநல்ல வீணை தடவி
மாசறு திங்கள் கங்கை முடிமேல் அணிந்தென் உளமே புகுந்த அதனால்
ஞாயிறுதிங்கள் செவ்வாய் புதன் வியாழன் வெள்ளி சனிபாம் பிரண்டு முடனே
ஆசறு நல்ல நல்ல அவை நல்ல நல்ல அடியார் அவர்க்கு மிகவே.
There are 10 more verses.The significance is that those who chant it or those who listen to it will find that all the evils eventually turn to good. This is what is reiterated again and again in the verses.

Do chant or listen. Om Namah Shivaya 🙏

📸 - all photos in this thread credit to resp.owners

Source text- based on details about this padigam & thirumaraikadu kovil in various news articles/blogs.

Thanks for reading 🙏

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