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Sculpture of Bhagwan Shiva as the destroyer of the Asura Andhaka - Cave 29,Ellora caves

Asura Andhaka hangs on to a trishula held by 6-armed Shiva.

Once Parvathi & Shiva were relaxing in the pleasant gardens of Mount Mandhara.

Bhagwan Shiva sat down there to enjoy the happiness.Parvati closed the eyes of Shiva playfully & darkness covered the whole universe.Parvati was perplexed & her palms were wet with perspiration.A few drops of her sweat mixed with sweat from Shiva’s body& fell to the ground.
From this sweat,a fierce creature was born,it started to roar.Child was born blind as Shiva's eyes were closed so was named as Andaka.Andha means darkness&also ignorance.Around the same time Asura Hiranyaksha was performing rigorous tapas Shiva for a boon of powerful son.
Bhagwan Shiva was pleased by tapas of Hiranyaksha & blessed him with darshan.Hiranyaksha asked for a powerful son,Shiva told him that he cannot have his own son,but can adopt a blind child who would become very powerful later.Shiva gave child Andaka to Hiranyaksha.
Hiranyaksha returned to his kingdom with Andaka.Later after the vadh of Hiranyaksha, Andaka is said to have lived with his cousins.He was ridiculed,so dejected Andaka went to forest.He did severe tapas for over many years towards Brahma Dev. Brahma dev appeared before him.
Andaka asked for boons that he should be able to see & he should be devas,asuras,humans or by Bhagwan Vishnu.Brahma Dev was in a fix.He granted vision to Andaka.But second boon he has to specify on what condition he will die for him to grant the boon.Andaka told Brahma dev that
"If I ever wish to marry a beautiful women who is like a mother to me,then that will be my death." Brahma Dev granted the boon.Andhakasura can now see & has become powerful by the boon of Brahma Dev returned to his kingdom.His cousins were frightened,gave his & their kingdoms.
Andakasura invaded Indralok, defeated Indra.Soon he became king of 3 worlds.He captured devas,gandarvas.He was troubling people on earth.Due to his boons,Vishnu Bhagwan was not able defeat Andakasura.
Devas prayed to Bhagwan Shiva to help them.Andakasura happen to see Paravati
Devi in Mandara mountains.He wanted to marry her,so he went behind he desired to marry a women who is like his mother,as per his boon - death was approaching Andakasura.
Andhakasura along with his Asura sena came to attack Bhagwan Shiva. Nandi,ganas, Indra
Other devas,Brahma,Vishnu dev also fought against Andakasura & his Asura sena.All other asuras were wounded or dead. except Andhakasura. Nothing seemed to harm him,neither Vishnu’s Sudarshana chakra , nor Indra’s Vajrayudham. Bhagwan Shiva attacked Andakasura with trishul -
drops of blood that came out from the body produced more Andhakasuras the moment they hit the a short time, the battlefield had manyAndakasura ,each as powerful as him.Shiva then created a Devi by his divine power -Devi Yogeswari who along with Matrikas
helped Bhagwan Shiva.Yogeswari went near bleeding Andakasura to collect the blood in a bowl of without falling on the ground. Saptamatrikas- female forms 7 gods-Brahmini(Brahma), Kaumari(Kartikeya),Vaishnavi(Vishnu),Maheshwari(Shiva),Varahi(Varaha),Indrani(Indra),Chamudi(Yama)
protected Paravti devi. Andakasura could not multiply further & his strength started getting depleted.Shiva , then,struck his final blow. He pierced Andhakasura's chest with his trishul and held him up.
There he held him until every drop of blood from his body had been collected.
Shiva Alayam at Thirukkovilur,Tamilnadu is dedicated to this great victory of Shiva over is one of the Ashta Veeratta is significant to note that the uniqueness of this place as Andakasura was pinned up.
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Source text - based on various articles in blogs/websites about andakasura Vadh

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A #story from Bhagavatham
- #Krishna's childhood leelas

This sculpture depicts Krishna leela that happened when he crawled around with Ural/mortar that was tied with rope on his waist.


📸 - A panel from Sri Amruteshwara Temple , Amruthapura,Karnataka

Bhagwan Krishna was a very naughty child.Yashoda being fed up by pranks of Krishna tied him to a mortar/ural with a rope after a great Krishna is called as Damodara- दाम(dam) means-rope,उदर (udara)means stomach. Later,Yashoda goes inside to do her work.

Left alone in the courtyard,
Krishna started moving about around with the mortar rolling behind him on the move.
On the way,there were 2 huge trees close to each other. Krishna crawled in between the trees & mortar got stuck in between.He tried to pull with all his strength.

As result,uproots twin trees causing them to fall down.The trees transform into 2 Gandharvas - Nalakuvara & Manigriva (sons of Kubera). They were cursed by Rishi Narada into becoming Arjuna trees.Liberated from curse,they thank Bhagwan Krishna.

📸- sculpture at Cheluvanaryana Temple,Melukote,Karnataka

All 📸 in this thread credit to TeamGsquare,stonestories and google
Source text - based on details in TeamGsquare,stonestories blogs
#sculpture #story from #Mahabharat-Battle between Bhagadatta(Son of Narakasura)& #Bhima on 12th day of Kurushetra war is beautifully depicted.

Bhagadatta participated in the war on the side of Kaurava’s.He had a huge,strong &an almost undefeatable elephant ‘Supratika’.


📸 -Magnificent Sculpture is in Ranaganayaki Andal Temple,Belur Chennakeshava temple Complex, Karnataka
Depicts Bhima held in trunk of he tried to injure Supratika while going underneath it but in vain.Also Bhima is seen attacking Bhagadatta with mace.

Bhagadatta was Raja of Pragjyotisha Kingdom.He was extremely skilled in using elephants in warfare.Arjuna defeated Bhagadatta during time of Raja-suya yagya performed by Yudhishthira.He considered Pandavas as his enemies from that defeat.

Bhagadatta supported Kauravas in Kurushetra war & on 12th day he started killing Pandava’s army in huge numbers while mounted on his elephant Supratika.Bhima tried to fight & tried to injure Supratika while going underneath.Elephant almost crushed Bhima but he was able to escape.

Many Pandava warriors and elephants tried to stop Bhagadatta but in vain. Arjuna entered & with his arrows killed soldiers who were protecting Supratika’s legs. Fierce battle started between Arjuna& Bhagadatta.
📸-sculpture in external walls of Kashi VishveshwaraTemple, Lakkundi

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